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The Sandman: [Phalla] Country: Day 7: Mafia & Destruction Victory!

FaranguFarangu I am a beardy manWith a beardy planRegistered User regular
edited April 2012 in Critical Failures
The Sandman: [Phalla] Country
Thanks to Mr.Blarney for design advice

The gathering of demigods, deities and devils shifted around their hiding place. They were restless. Their plans, machinations had taken quite a toll, but soon...soon, Morpheus, Dream of the Endless, would be theirs...

The world today doesn't have much use for fables and stories, and more's the pity. For there are great truths to be found in some of these stories. And the greatest...well, the greatest transcend the role of story. They take a more active role...

They have many different appearances. But their functions are the same. They are the Endless, above even the many gods and deities. They were there at the beginning of Eternity, and they will be present at its conclusion. They each have their functions and duties, some valued more than others. But the most tragic story is that of Dream. Held captive by mortals, he let his kingdom of the Dreaming lapse, and his duties wane. For eighty years he waited for his captor's vigilance to wane, and then in one swift stroke, he escaped, and rebuilt his kingdom. But in the process, he made powerful enemies. And they were patient to wait for the right time to strike, when his family would not be as able to help...

What is this?

This is a mini-Phalla for 30 players. For the basic rules, look here.

I've heard of your games before...

That was when I was rash and foolish. This is a much more meaningful effort from me to be not like that. That's not to say that this is a vanilla game - there are still some kooky things in here. Just not as much. There are no conversions or resurrections. Familiarity with the (most excellent) series of graphic novels this is based on will grant a little extra in terms of immersion, but is not required by any means.

How will this game work?

Every person is required to make one vote, and one non-vote post each day. Those who go two days without doing so will be replaced / Inactivused. Vote close will be at 11:00 CST. Votes will be in red, Clarifications in orange. Do not copy-paste, directly quote, screenshot, or otherwise show people your actual role PM. 1 ghost post, but keep all game info out of it. No talking on proboards when you're dead. Speaking of proboards: if you make one, send me a link to it. You can put any orders for powers you have on the proboard. No anonymous contact or ghosting. If you are talking to someone, they have to know your forum handle.


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