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Phallakinetic Finale - Day 9 - WITNESS THE ARMADA'S TRIUMPH

EdcrabEdcrab Registered User regular
edited May 2012 in Critical Failures

A pentalogy is just a trilogy that needs to learn how to die


The New Renegade


Phallakinetic IV

Starting Player List

1: Munkus Beaver
2: I needed a name to post.
3: Baidol
4: SeGaTai
5: Smoove Operator
6: Spoit
7: Wiet
8: kime
9: Peccavi
10: Gumpy
11: Langly
12: Melding
13: Tayrun
14: tastypastry
15: Cythraul
16: Taya
17: Egos
18: REG Rysk
19: Pharezon
20: ObiFett
21: HeavyVillain
22: Cayrus
23: shalmelo
24: Bedlam
25: SLyM
26: Assuran
27: 38thDoe
28: Shabooty
29: sportzboytjw
30: TheRoadVirus
31: romanqwerty
32: jdarksun
33: Phyphor
34: The Anonymous
35: Infidel Ringo
36: Rend
37: Winky
38: Lucedes
39: Anialos
40: The Ender
41: Retaba
42: Alegis
43: Void Slayer
44: Dunadan019
45: schuss
46: Figgy
47: vertroue
48: FecklessRogue
49: Nirya
50: ThatDaveFella
51: corvidae
52: MrTLicious


1: warban
2: jackisreal

Night 1 casualties

Baidol, a Telekinetic, loses their mind and life to a monstrous psionic assault
Gumpy, a Telepath, is killed by massive telekinetic energies
Assuran, a Doctor, dies to multiple attacks
Rend, the Sergeant, is annihilated by high-tech means
Munkus, a Cop, is the first democratic death in five years

Night 2 casualties

ObiFett, a Telepath, shot and stabbed. Repeat if required
Melding, the Healer Empath, is killed by massive telekinetic energies
Figgy, the Psychevore, killed by multiple attacks
HeavyVillain, a Telekinetic, shot and assassinated via high-tech means
MrTLicious, a Soldier, hit from all sides
romanqwerty, the Nullifier Cultist, slain by transmutational forces
The Ender, the Mirror Empath, won the vote and lost his life

Night 3 casualties

I needed a name to post., the Paragon Mech, hit with just about everything
Alegis, a Soldier, is killed by massive telekinetic energies
SLyM, a Telepath, murdered with incredible psionic force
vertroue, the Healer Cultist, survived cannons... and got backstabbed
Tayrun, a Domarian, struck by multiple attacks
TheRoadVirus, a Cop, struck by multiple attacks
Bedlam, an Engineer, struck by multiple attacks
sportzboytjw, a Soldier, won the popularity contest

Night 4 casualties

38thDoe, the Renegade, mobbed and then blown apart by massive telekinetic energies
Phyphor, the Elder, overwhelmed and then had their mind shattered
REG Rysk, a High Councillor, repeatedly blasted and then punched. Hard
Kime, a Doctor, struck by multiple attacks
Shabooty, the Overseer Cultist, telekinetically pierced and then unmade
schuss, a Soldier, elected to position of dead person

Night 5 casualties

Winky, the the Rogue Mech, knows exactly how INANTP felt
Wiet, the Spy Cultist, wasn't stealthy enough
Nirya, a Telepath, mind blown
corvidae, a Telekinetic, erased by transmutational forces
That Dave Fella, a Soldier, one man, one vote, one death

Victory: Spoit, Pharezon, and The Anonymous - the Paleon Team, eliminated the Renegade and the Rogue Mech

Night 6 casualties

Dunadan019, Kwychen, hit with absolutely every kind of offensive ability
tastypastry, the Operative, murdered with extreme telepathic force
Void Slayer, a Telekinetic, wiped out by horrible psychokinetic energies
SeGaTai, the first of the Cultist Armada's Triumvirate, fled the citizens of Arcadia and found something worse

Victory: Cayrus, jdarksun, Langly - The Strike Force, eliminated the Cultist Overseer and Kwychen
FecklessRogue, (posthumously) REG Rysk - The High Council's representatives, faction outlived the Renegade and Kwychen
shalmelo, (posthumously) Tayrun - the Domarian Legion's representatives, faction outlived the Renegade and Kwychen

Night 7 casualties

Smoove Operator, a Cop, shot
Lucedes, the Commando, finally bled out from an old wound
Peccavi, a Telekinetic, shot twice
Taya, the Scientist, obliterated by horrible psionic energies
Egos, the second of the Cultist Armada's Triumvirate, crashed his ship into the sun. Yeesh

Night 8 casualties

Anialos, an Engineer, struck by awful psionic power
Ringo, the Veteran, outed by his own people

Vote close will be 00:00 GMT (Midnight GMT). First day will begin at 00:00 on Monday; i.e., first day will end at Tuesday 00:00.

The Armada

Arcadia is at peace. The Pinnacle Guild pulled out, leaving a small remnant of staff who assimilated into society. The Domarian Legion and the High Council agreed to let the system govern itself.

For five blissful years the planet Arcadia was just a planet. It wasn't a war zone.

And then... Well. Did anyone really think it would last?

The fleet appeared from nowhere, and is inexorably advancing towards Arcadia. Their only message; they want to take the planet by force. Do not resist.

The Cultist Armada's tacky, ostentatious ships are ornate and unknown and horribly effective. They pose a threat to Alpha Sector as a whole. Arcadia doesn't stand a chance.

With a heavy heart, the Arcadian Order deployed their distress beacon...

Damage Types
Normal: Physical damage. If the damage type is not specified it is this mundane, uncouth variety of damage.

Psionic: Damage that affects the mind. Psychological trauma and otherwise. Certain roles may be resistant or vulnerable to psi damage.

Special: Rare, extra-potent flavour of damage. Unless otherwise stated, defensive abilities- such as Guard- that increase a player's resilience have no effect on Special damage.

Sample Role Abilities
Armour: A straight reduction to physical damage, applied per attack.

Psi Defence: A straight reduction to psionic damage, applied per attack.

Resistance: A damage threshold; if total damage meets or falls below this threshold, none is taken. However if the Resistance value is exceeded, it is bypassed entirely and damage is resolved as normal.

Alertness: Stealth abilities are less effective against characters with Alertness.

Vulnerability: The opposite of armour! This effect can stack, and increases the power of every incoming attack by the amount given.

Aid: Restore the target's Life by the given amount after all attacks are resolved.

Cure: Strip away a single persistent negative effect from the target.

Guard: Reduce the total attack power sent towards the target.

Heal: Restore the target's Life by the given amount.

Mindscan: Psionic seering method with a given chance of success. Mindscans stack, increasing the seer chance for all participants.

Obstruct: Take the target's place for the purposes of all hostile abilities and attacks sent their way.

Nullify: ????

Martyrdom: ????

Chaosweb: ????

Oblivion: ????

Life Mechanics

The previous system has been simplied. Percentage attack powers are no longer an element, replaced instead with a straight HP mechanic. A player who hits 0 Life (or who is vote killed) is dead. In deference to the fact that attacks were always in multiples of 10, damage has lowered to a tenth of the initial values used.

Players can have anything from 6-10 Life; the former end of the scale for support roles, the latter for tough attackers. Particularly special roles might have even more. Attack power averages at 3, being lower for roles with utility powers, and significantly higher for roles with attack powers.


If you have a Proboard, send the Edcrab account a link. Groups should feel free to use a proboard thread to orchestrate and list their nightly actions, because I can appreciate how complicated it can get to organise. However, if an individual sends The Supercomputer an order PM, that PM will take priority over anything listed in the thread.

Private Messages

The conversation system is very useful for hosts! Please include The Supercomputer account in conversations in much the same way as you'd alert the Edcrab account to a Proboard. Where possible, try to use your existing conversations with The Supercomputer and/or Edcrab accounts; it makes it easier to keep track of things, especially for large groups!

A Reminder

This is Phallakinetic, which means that while there are factions there's still a mafia and their power should not be underestimated, and that some seers are imperfect. If a faction leaves the game because they have won, they're considered to be eliminated for the purposes of victory conditions that require their demise (i.e., everybody wins).

This phalla features non-standard elements, but it does not feature conversions. The vote kill is unstoppable and cannot be blocked or redirected. If a vote target is vig-killed, the vote does not trickle down.

Village Victory Condition

Make Arcadia your own.

Eliminate the forces of the Cultist Armada and the Outsider sub-faction.


Eliminate the forces of the Cultist Armada and the Chaotic sub-faction.

The Outsider sub-faction wishes to control Arcadia or otherwise shape its destiny, taking power out of the hands of the people.

The Chaotic sub-faction is a destabilising presence, either insane or desperate for power and influence but disinterested in the fate of Arcadia itself.

The Cultist Armada's primary goal is to outnumber the Arcadians. When the Cultist Armada is eliminated, or if they meet their goal, the game ends for everybody.

Some roles benefit from an Armada victory, others an Arcadian victory. Some are Neutral, and have objectives that are entirely divorced from the overall conflict. This loyalty, so to speak, does not necessarily have any connection to their sub-faction.

!Sign-up, as is the fashion, in lime. ...the usual!


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9


As in past Phallakinetics, actions happen instantaneously, with the exception of the Aid power which kicks in after everything else. So if a guard uses their ability on a player, that player will be guarded even if their guardian turns up dead. Likewise, dying doesn't prevent you from killing.

In turn, if you perform an attack and it went through without being altered or blocked in any way, you will not be notified. Please assume success unless otherwise stated.

Despite the presence of sub-factions, the mafia's overall goal (and by extension the village's) does not differ from the norm. The mafia (the Cultist Armada) is considered a separate entity to everyone else for the purposes of outnumbering all other players.

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