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Help with a basic 3d animation I've storyboarded.

EinEin New Jersey, USARegistered User regular
edited April 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
I've been working on making a very short lead-in animation for videos I'll be posting of my Minecraft server, and I'm having some trouble. The server's called, and this is the logo I've been using for it:


I wanted to put a short intro together that involved this logo, so I came up with the idea of showing it being assembled and completed by piston blocks:


Linked for the unfamiliar.

This is the rough frame-by-frame I drew out for what I had in mind:


I've abstracted this a bit for my own sanity, but it gets the idea across pretty well, I hope.

I think it's a relatively simple job if only because the most complicated things that are moving are just the pistons, back and forth. However, there is kind of a lot of them.

It's asking a lot, but I figured it was worth a shot: is there anyone out there that'd be willing to tackle this for me? I know literally nothing about 3d animation.

Server info:
Ein on


  • RedSlavRedSlav Registered User regular
    How is this project going so far? I can ask around for you if you haven't found an artist yet. (I'm busy myself at the moment and don't have a ton of time)

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  • TofystedethTofystedeth veni, veneri, vamoosi Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    Now's a great time to learn! Since you've basically just got a few different kinds of cubes it shouldn't be too hard. You could download Blender(Free!) and work through a few of the tutorials. The interface takes some getting used to (though it might have gotten better in the years since I last fiddled around with it, they've stated that making it less arcane was one of their goals.) While you could probably find a lot of people willing to give you pointers, this isn't really the place to ask for people to do stuff for you.

    edit:In a couple weeks my wife is going out of town, so I might be bored enough to give it a go on a lark. Fair warning, I'm a shit artist. I just messed around a little bit with Blender in college.

    Tofystedeth on
  • CrafticaCraftica Registered User new member
    So tell me.... How did you think of that name?

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