The artist contest 2012 - Call for artists!

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The Artist Contest 2012

Streetlance is a new website: an online creative marketplace where people can buy and sell creativity!

Like in the old days people make money on the street with their talents, ideas, skills or services. Streetlance.com is the rebirth of street busking! Our goal is to inspire people to be more creative, so they will find their own way to make money online with their creativity.
For artists, fashion designers, writers, songwriters, entertainers, illustrators, painters, performers, dancers, musicians, graphic designers, videographers, typographers, and more....
Use your talent and creativity to earn money online, win prizes and the Mega Jackpot for being the best Seller on Streetlance. The competition starts on January 1st 2012 continues right up until that ball drops on midnight December 31st 2012!

You will participate in this online creative contest automatically when you have posted your first pitch. Read on for rules and details, then get out there, join this contest and post your pitches now!

Rules & Prizes...

1. The contest will run from January 1st 2012 through December 31st 2012.

2. The contest will have 3 winners. 1st place wins $150 & the Jackpot, 2nd place wins $100, and 3rd wins $50.

3. The Jackpot is 5% of the total revenue made on Streetlance 2012 and winner takes all. Imagine, if all Sellers sold 4,000 pitches with total revenue of $40,000, then our winner of 1st place will be rewarded with $150 plus $2000!

4. Winners will be chosen by the total revenue the Sellers have made on Streetlance.

5. Sellers are allowed to post unlimited pitches on every category.

6.Only successfully delivered orders and legitimate transactions will count.

7. Be creative and have fun!

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