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is my ps2 really busted?

PatboyXPatboyX Registered User regular
edited March 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
i've got an old ps2. like 35001 or whatever the numbers are.
i've never gotten a disc read error and have been playing okami and god of war with no problem whatsoever.
i recently popped ffx2 and ico in and the game never loads. i get to the browser (which recognizes the discs) and even the ps2 logo. if i wait long enough the opening movie of ico begins...but im wondering what the problem here is.
i don't really mind cleaning the thing out or sending it in to sony...but i've never seen this problem until now and i have owned and used the ps2 since i bought it. i've never seen any of these errors or witnessed anything close to this breakdown until now. not even stuttering or delays.
the discs i use are clean. and, to my horror, the more games i pop in the less work.
i'm wondering if its worth my time to try to open and clean (obviously it already out of warranty) or if i should just send it to them.

"lenny bruce is not afraid..."
PatboyX on


  • TehSpectreTehSpectre @PixelateJake on TwitterRegistered User regular
    edited March 2007
    If you send it to them, the amount of $ for shipping and repairs will be ungodly. I fixed my PS2 myself with a very nice website I found goggling "PS2 disk read error".
    Since I am at work I cannot locate the website so I can post it, but the repair is very easy:
    Basically what you have to do is remove the top casing, remove the thing covering the CD drive careful not to break a few fragile cords that are connected, use a q-tip with a tiny bit of water/alchocol on the tip to remove the dust from the lense bar, add a little bit of sewing machine oil with a different q-tip, replace the top case and you should be good to go!

    If you notice a clicking noise when the PS is reading or trying to read a disk, this is most-likely the problem. There should be many a site that will give you pictures and better written instructions than I, but mine is what needs to be done in a nutshell.

    TehSpectre on
  • PatboyXPatboyX Registered User regular
    edited March 2007
    i have seen these websites. i was wondering 2 things:
    1. okami (and some other games) run and load fine right now. but other discs nothing happens. i have yet to see any actual "disc read error" messages so i wasn't sure if it was the same error.
    2. if i open it and still cant fix it, would it still be possible to send it out. although, it may be cheaper to buy a refurbished one. they seem to cost like 80 bucks or less.

    anyway, thanks for any advice/info.

    PatboyX on
    "lenny bruce is not afraid..."
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