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Attack It!

worstcaseworstcase Registered User
edited April 2012 in Artist's Corner
Third time around, last thread was dead on arrival.
Would really appreciate crits and comments! I'mma gonna stick to it this time!


worstcase on


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    I need to see the first one bigger to appreciate the texture, but it looks great. I like the last one too.

    The Face on the middle one is super skewed. The left eye is slightly up, and the lips are slightly to the right, but the face appears to be front and center by the ear position. The hands and bird look great, hell, you could probably isolate them, I don't think the pretty girl face adds anything to it (unless its like a girl you know or something personal like that....)

  • GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
    Haha, near birds!

  • worstcaseworstcase Registered User
    Iruka: No one personal! Gosh I didn't realize how skewed it was until looking at it now. I think I was just excited to finish and then didn't pay attention. Thanks for the crit. I'm going to redo it, maybe a different version. I'll post the pencil before I ink it to make sure it's a o.k.!

    Godfather: Birds! everywhere

  • FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    the last three birds blew my mind! Im sending you the medical bill.

  • worstcaseworstcase Registered User
    edited May 2012
    Thanks fantomas!

    Sorry I was taking finals. Here's some sketch/unfinished work/doodles. I occasionally try to paint digitally but I don't understand it at all. If anyone has any tips I would be such a happy camper


    also Ugh photobucket why you make my pictures so small? I wants them big!

    worstcase on
  • wahaywahay Your Handicapped Hero Cincinnati, USARegistered User regular
    I have a soft spot for watercolour. The energy in those is fantastic!

    If you're going to do simplified ideas in graphic representation, I'd recommend looking up Sam Weber and João Ruas for a golden standard. From there seeing what they could do better and doing it better yourself would be a great exercise. :)

    "Sorry ladies, I give my everything to Sallie Mae."
    My Artist Corner Thread • Everywhere I Post
  • worstcaseworstcase Registered User
    @wahay Oh thanks so much! I love me some watercolors. Also, I looked up Sam Weber and was blown away, and Ruas is amazing too. Thank you so much fo the great advice!

    Sorry for horribly sporadic updating. I hate uploading stuff to photobucket, blegha

  • worstcaseworstcase Registered User
    and here's some sketches from work (Threw some color on them in photoshop-sketches for bigger projects possibly, because I'm planning my spring wardrobe-some color combos I'm looking for...mmm seafoam...)

    last one is from me reading Dante's Divine Comedy, which is good stuff for those interested.

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