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[Trick or Treat] little monsters little candy

weirdspaceshipsweirdspaceships i will eat your still-beating heartRegistered User regular
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Want to help playtest a game? It's a card game, and it's kind of like an elaborate go-fish meets mafia / werewolf type thing. It might be rough around the edges, it might be completely busted, it may be fantastic! We don't know yet.

Here's what's up: It's called Trick or Treat because you all play little monsters who've managed to nab some candy from a passing trick-or-treater. Monsters can't reveal themselves, of course, but on Halloween, if they're careful, they can sneak around and steal some treats!

Each round, someone, in secret, gets the CANDY card. Then you draw and pass cards, trying to get a full set (meaning 10) of the same suit. The suits are: spiders, zombies, devils, and ghosts. After that, you offer up a card face-down, and you can claim it's anything, and what you're doing is trying to get someone to offer you a card in return. "I've got a zombie here. Anyone looking for zombies? Both of you? Who can give me a ghost, I need ghosts." And then, maybe you really did give them a zombie, but they didn't give you a ghost. Or whatever. It's all bluffing and trust and tells.

At the end of the round, everyone pleads their case as to why they don't have the CANDY card, and we keep going until someone accuses another of owning it. At that point, the remaining players (aside from the accused) either agree or disagree with the vote. Then there's some penalties: did you pick the person with the candy, or an innocent monster? Did you agree or disagree, and were you right? You either draw or discard cards accordingly. We reveal who has the CANDY. If that monster wasn't discovered, they can try to win the game by having both the CANDY and ten of a single suit. If the CANDY was discovered, players must decide who to give the CANDY to until the end of the turn, for "safe-keeping". Of course, if THAT player has ten of a single suit, they can then go ahead and claim victory.

After that, if no one has won, we mix up the CANDY cards and deal them out again, and someone new has the candy.

Here's the rules, in depth.


1. The GM (me!) will randomly assign one of you the CANDY card, and the rest of you an X card. An X card just means you don't have the CANDY.

Keep this information secret! If you have the CANDY card, you want people to think you don't, and not to pick you in the end. If you don't have the CANDY card, you want people to think you do, but you don't want to be too forward, because then it's obvious you're bluffing.


1. Starting with whoever had the CANDY card last turn (or just random if this is the first turn), each player draws one card from the deck.
2. Once everyone has done that, each player passes a card to the player next to them. Whoever had the CANDY card last turn decides if we pass to the left or to the right.


1. Starting with whoever had the CANDY card last turn, each player plays a single card from their hand face-down in front of them. It can be any card, and since it's secret, they can say it's whatever card they like, even if they're lying.
2. Once all cards are down, open discussion begins. Starting with, you guessed it, whoever had the CANDY card last turn, players talk and negotiate, saying, "I have THIS card, what card did YOU put down?" and the like. On your go, decide who you give your card to. You'll be negotiating, making agreements, lying and bluffing here. No one is required to tell the truth.
3. When you receive a card from someone, keep it face-down until everyone has gotten their card.
4. Continue this way until everyone has given their card to another player. Even if you made arrangements or promises, you are not obligated to keep them. If, for example, you promised to give another player the card you put down in exchange for the card they gave you, you can betray them and instead give the card you put down to someone else, you asshole.
5. Everyone adds their cards to their hand. Players may reveal what they got or keep it secret. Or even lie about it to make another player seem untrustworthy.


1. Players now plead their case as to why they totally don't have the CANDY card. Not me, no siree-bob. Keep talking and accusing and so on until one player, any player, points to another and says, "You have the CANDY card."

If you actually do have the CANDY card during this round, you can not accuse another player! You just kind of chill and hope no one catches on.
2. Once someone has accused someone else, the remaining players decide: do they AGREE with this vote, or DISAGREE?
3. Here's what's next:
- if you ACCUSED someone of having the CANDY and they did, put the CANDY in the middle of the table. You get to draw a card, and whoever had the CANDY must discard a card. Whoever AGREED with you gets to draw a card and is eligible to receive the CANDY. Anyone who DISAGREED discards a card.
- if you ACCUSED someone of having the CANDY but they didn't, they instead had an X card, they get to draw a card and you discard a card. Anyone who AGREED with you discards a card, and anyone who DISAGREED with you draws a card.
4. If the CANDY card was found, it goes in the middle of the table. Whoever ACCUSED and found the card, and whoever AGREED with that vote, these people are all eligible to receive the CANDY card. They must come to an agreement of who among them gets the CANDY card until the end of the turn. Remember that whoever has the CANDY card can win! If they are not able to come to an agreement, they must each discard a card, and no one gets the CANDY until next turn.
5. Otherwise, if you had the CANDY card but weren't discovered, you get to keep it until the end of the turn.


1. At this point, whether you won the CANDY card from someone, or you kept it because you weren't discovered, if you have ten of one suit and the CANDY card, reveal it and show everyone. You win!
2. Otherwise, all the CANDY cards are gathered up and re-supplied, and we go again.


Each suit has ones and twos. For example, you can have "1 zombie" or "2 zombies." There's more ones than twos. A two-of counts as two of a suit instead of one. So, for example, if you had two "1 zombie" cards, and a single "2 zombies" card, you have 1 zombie + 1 zombie + 2 zombies = 4 zombies, all together.

Anyone interested can !sign up in something colorful! Please be advised that hasn't been thoroughly tested, so if we discover something game-breaking in the middle of it all, the rules may change or the game may be stopped all together!

We're looking for 5-6 players to get started.

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    Sign up sounds like fun

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