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[D&D 4E] MapTools Introduction – Australian Timezone

TRD23TRD23 Registered User
edited April 2012 in Critical Failures
This will be an introductory MapTools game using the D&D 4E rules.

If you have ever wondered how playing online would be – this is your chance to try.

What is MapTools?
MapTools is free software that effectively operates as an “online tabletop.”

I will soon be starting an online campaign proper using MapTools, in preparation for that I would like to run a small adventure using MapTools to learn the in’s and out’s of the program in a gaming environment, as well as to introduce other people to MapTools.

What will the game be?
The game will be a small dungeon adventure for PC’s of 1st level – it will primarily focus on hack and slash so that we all can familiarise ourselves with the software but there will be roleplaying opportunities – in terms of balance 80% combat and exploration 20% roleplaying is a reasonable indication.

If we end up getting a good group there is definitely scope to turn these “intro” sessions into a full fledged regular campaign.

What time will the game be?
The game will be played once a week for approximately 3-4 hours.

I live in South Australia, Australia (GMT +9.5) – depending on what times people can make I am available from 6:30PM on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and from 10AM-6PM Saturdays and Sundays.

Preferably I would like to play during weekdays or weekend afternoons.

What do I need to play?
A working headset and mic

The following software:
Skype - - this is the software we will be using for voice
LogMeIn –Hamachi - - DOWNLOAD THE UNMANGED VERSION – this is the software that allows us to connect into MapTools with no issues

I am interested, what do I do?
Please make sure you have the above equipment and software and can make any of the indicated times.

Next please post in this thread with your interest and availability and PM your Skype username.

TRD23 on


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