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Package Routing Game?

jclastjclast Registered User regular
edited March 2007 in Games and Technology
So, I've been playing this German game for a little while, and I've finally completed it 100%.

It's called Dacsher, and the point is to get all the boxes to the right truck, plane, or ship.

It's a lot more fun that it has any right to be. I think it is anyway.

So, does anybody know any similar games (hopefully online and Flash-based) that I might play while taking a break at work?


jclast on


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    ZombiemamboZombiemambo Registered User regular
    edited March 2007
    This is strangely addicting. Nice find!

    Zombiemambo on
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    LogicowLogicow Registered User regular
    edited March 2007
    There's no way to restart at the level where you died, which makes playing the game a huge waste of time because you end up spending most of your time re-playing levels you have already succeeded at, which is not cool at all.

    Logicow on
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