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[Internet RPG Tools] Roll20 is launched! - LIVE PLAYTEST! COME PLAY WITH US RIGHT NOW!

TalonrazorTalonrazor Registered User regular
edited May 2012 in Critical Failures
Ok, I got a couple of private messages from people about the platform I am planning to use to launch my latest game. So I figured we needed a thread to talk about online tools and to talk about how awesome Roll20 will be.

Roll20 is a new browser-based online RPG tool system that is going to fix a lot of problems we have with RPGing online. They are currently wrapping up their fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. Here is a clip from their website:
Roll20 wrote:
Roll20 brings pen and paper gaming to the web the right way. Built on a powerful platform of tools, yet elegantly simple, it focuses on enhancing what makes tabletop gaming great: storytelling and camaraderie. It's incredibly easy to get started, and runs right in your web browser, so there's nothing to download or configure.

Here is their product demo video

And they have shittons of dice rolling abilities as well as awesome token tracking and card deck systems. I am excited for it. My groups have tried MapTools, IRC and a multitude of other systems but they seem to bring a host of problems to the table. I am looking forward to testing it here next week. If you want to get it on the Beta of the website, you still have about a day or more to back it at the $25 level.

What tools do you use to handle online RPGing? Do you do only Play by Post? MapTools? IRC meetups?

Talonrazor on


  • TalonrazorTalonrazor Registered User regular
    Woah, I like that galactic map idea. Elaborate!

    Roll20 just uses pre-set artwork. So you could drop whatever: ship floorplans, world maps, etc. Even could do a galaxy map with ship tokens.

  • ScooterScooter Registered User regular
    Pretty much use IRC with dicebot for gaming and a pbwiki for keeping track of all the game info. My job though involves a lot of work with OpenSim (the open source version of Second Life) and I've been using those tools a bit to help out. For example, I made a quick 3d model of the spaceship my crew flies, and since my setting takes place in a universe with 180 inhabited star systems, I have a scripted galaxy map to help me keep track of it. 180 virtual spheres, and I can click any two and they'll tell me the travel time and distance between them. Probably a lot more that could be done with it, though it's not exactly intended as an RPG gaming system (my job project is making virtual educational classrooms).

    Roll20 looks neat though since all the videos use fantasy stuff I wonder how well it can be set up for a scifi setting.

  • ScooterScooter Registered User regular
    I think the forums may have eaten a post but my psychic forum powers are telling me to show the galaxy map. My wiki page for it is here: Map



    Those pictures are taken top-down on my personal OpenSim server, in this case I just have a big black disk sitting underneath it where I took the pictures. The spheres have been color coded by faction, and scripted to know their locations (in my OS region), and do the math I coded into them to translate their region distances into my game setting distances. Clicking on them makes them talk to each other and then announce how far apart they are. My setting's a somewhat slow FTL universe where it can take months to go from one system to another, so in the event my players decide to go somewhere where I didn't have the math done out beforehand it could be pretty handy.

    Also some of the pics of the ship model I did up (not functional enough to walk around in, or even poke around outside that much, since I did it in an afternoon or so, but if I wanted my players could log into my server and look at it up close).




  • TalonrazorTalonrazor Registered User regular
    Yea it ate my post.

    I really like that idea for a galactic map. I am going to have to play with you guys!

    Roll20 can use any artwork, so if you want you can drop ship plans or galactic maps to use with ship tokens, etc.

  • TalonrazorTalonrazor Registered User regular
    We are doing a quick playtest of Roll20 right now. Probably going to do a quick single-scenario. If you want to check it out, jump on at

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