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Awesome: '[PRIME] PAX Prime 2012 is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!' by Cultural Geek Girl

Cultural Geek GirlCultural Geek Girl Registered User regular
Buraisu wrote: »
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Buraisu wrote: »
If purchasing PAX tickets starts becoming named based, limited to the purchaser, and one per person; perhaps we can limit people to a single PAX a year to make room for more people. I know there are some people that attend both PAXs but is that fair? They are preventing people from going to a single PAX.

Wow, erg...I'm calling Poe's law because, I honestly can't tell in this thread what's satire and not anymore.
I am a hundred percent serious. What is the point have opening a second PAX if a large portion of people go to both? Isn't the point of opening up more venues so a larger number of people can attend a single PAX event? How is this accomplished if people are allowed to buy tickets for both events? Perhaps the number is lower then I think but even if a single person goes to both sold out events, it IS preventing another person from going to a single PAX event because they are taking up two spots.

The tickets should be restricted to one per person, per year, and with a name engraved on the ticket and require ID. Perhaps even have a slot for the required ID so it can be presented along with the badge or have photo of the person on the badge itself.

I brought in over $600 in Cookie Brigade Child's Play donations last Prime, and over $900 at last East. If you're asking me to go to only one PAX a year, you hate the children.

Why do you hate the children?

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