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drunk spider-man

VegasDayVegasDay Registered User new member
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Hi there, my name is Eugen,and i want to show you some of my old works, one of the is drunk spidey, i did it with mouse! no tablet. Colors by me.


If you want see more i am here

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  • bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
    I would say that the ability to create this with a mouse is potentially impressive but diminished by the end result. There are flaws that i'm sure a majority of the artists here will shortly point out with regards to shading, proportions, and coloring. Overall however you'll probably find the community less impressed with your ability to create something with a mouse, than they would be if you created something better with an instrument that you had more control over.

    Bragging rights are hard to come by in these parts, so try to stick to work that showcases not the method of creation as much as the creation itself.

  • GrifterGrifter BermudaModerator mod
    You may also want to post something more current if this is an older piece. I'm hoping that your colouring skills have improved since you created this.

    Rendering with a mouse can be rather difficult and tedious so you may want to try to simplify your attempt and concentrate on getting some basic lighting principles going for you rather than trying to over render everything. Also, using the snowflake brush and other photoshop effects aren't as impressive as one might think. You'd probably be better off trying to draw in your snow with a simpler means.

  • MustangMustang Arbiter of Unpopular Opinions Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    I can only assume that this is one of your best works, since you chose this over your newer stuff to post here.

    This is an early piece I did entirely with a mouse.

    What I learnt was that it is tedious as hell trying to do art with a mouse. Tedium however does not translate to good. Yours is shit, and so is mine.

    What you have above there is a very flat looking 2 dimensional image that you have tried to beat into submission with shading, which if you look closely at my birds above, I attempted to do exactly the same thing.

    Your colours are basically red and blue with varying degrees of white and black to highlight and diminish. Colour doesn't work like that, light bounces all over the place, you have a source light coming from the window that is a aqua, that means any lit area would be bathed in this colour. Red wouldn't be red it would be more of purple.

    You also have to learn when and where to place textures, I would recommend you don't use them at all for a year at least. Right now they are making your image look even flatter than necessary.

    Also snowflakes are 1/100th of that size, and stars only have 5 points when they are on flags.

    Alright, now I said all that to give you some perspective about where you are as an artist. Basically you have a lot of things to learn, it gets tedious, frustrating and some days you want to never draw/paint/whatever again. If you stick around, the people here will help you to become a better artist. I was pretty well much in the same position as you when I arrived here, but it's up to you. Number 1 rule if you do wish to progress is to admit you suck. I still suck, so join us in sucking, and we'll help you suck a little less.

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  • wahaywahay Your Handicapped Hero Cincinnati, USARegistered User regular
    For the record, I believe using a mouse can be a really good thing. It forces one to think of image construction differently. With a mouse, I've found it best to keep things as simple as possible.

    In your image, Eugen(e?), I can tell that you didn't have a good reference for the lighting, fabric, pose, or environment. If you did, it doesn't look like you were comfortable in construction. Try to use symbols less—only draw what either what you see or what you're absolutely familiar with. Don't get caught up on details until last.

    If it helps, to follow suit with this topic, I'll post my old mouse drawing:

    I used the shift key and brush to make straight lines. Gigantic hard brushes are great for blocking things in.

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