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Discussion for out of country ticket purchasing for PRIME 2012

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So I know this is not straight forward but I would really like to DISCUSS how to purchase scalper tickets for PRIME 2012. I attended last year and was able to score 3 day passes in the second week of sales. Now I assume scalpers have noticed the awesome profit they stand to make on scalping tickets, so PAX PRIME 2012 is sold out, and tickets are on EBAY for $400 (3day) or $200 (1day) each!

Who can afford such a thing? E3 tickets are $500, and that is for people who could afford them (devs/distros/publishers). PAX is supposed to be for the public.

All right, bottom line is I'm sad I could not go. Last year I made it to both EAST & PRIME. This year I'm getting married so I figure I would go to Prime (Even tho East is closer) after. Finding out I could not attend was my heartbreaking moment of 2012 (so far!) but I do not intend to give up, and if I could find tickets for even $200 each I would go.

Pax is already an expensive trip for me (In Ontario, Canada). Last year I spent $2300 (est) for 4 days. This year I planned to stay in Seattle for a week. $400 each ticket is way too steep (anything over $200 is). I would appreciate any advise on scoring tickets early for a reasonable price, as planning the trip is get more costly as we near the date.

Or should I just boycott the scalpers (any other event my outrage would take over and I would boycott the entire event! UFC, hockey etc. I would not care. PAX tho...)? Please help, I really want to know I am able to go again!!!!



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