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Hey guys, after a long time lurking I've finally worked up the courage to post some stuff. I've had Game of Thrones on the brain lately so I might as well start off with some fan art of my favorite character, Jon Snow.


I also just finished a sculpt of Robb Stark.




Overall, I'm happy with it but I need to work on sculpting better eyes.

I'll post some more stuff tomorrow when I get the chance, in the mean time I look forward to any input you guys may have.

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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    Really, really love the sculpt. are the pupils just painted on? Its hard to tell from the photo, but usually depth in the pupil is made by scooping them out,
    like here:eyering.jpg

    The photos of him seem a little washed out, you have you adjusted them at all?

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    speckspeck Registered User new member
    Thanks Iruka, I really love your stuff! Yeah the pupils are painted and not carved, it's difficult to carve normal sculpey at such a small size, his eyes are only about a half inch in diameter. Your also right on the photo, I desaturated it as I felt his hair came out too red in the original.

    Here's one unmodified.


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    Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers City of AngelsRegistered User regular
    Very cool sculpt.

    Instagram: fadedsneakers
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    worstcaseworstcase Registered User regular
    i love both the sculpt and your jon snow piece. Please post more! I neeeeed it

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    squidbunnysquidbunny Registered User regular
    Great stuff. Love the almost Ukiyo-e look on the Snow one, and the sculpt is great (although Iruka's suggestion would probably lend more depth, yeah). What's the total height on the Robb?

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    speckspeck Registered User new member
    I think the height is around 8.5 in.

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    tapeslingertapeslinger Space Unicorn Slush Ranger Social Justice Rebel ScumRegistered User regular
    Really nice work! I am a big fan of art nouveau style illustration and it works well for Jon Snow. The Robb Stark sculpt is nice as well; I think the base is a good style choice, too. I am with Iruka on the eyeballs. (I have a tiny loop tool for reaming out pupils and other teeny tiny stuff, I definitely recommend finding yourself something like this for the next sculpture you tackle: http://sculpt.com/pictures/claytools/kemper/16510.jpg)

    overall, though, really more of a style nitpick than a crit fail, and plenty of doll-scale sculptors like Wendy Froud do solid eyes and use the paint to do the important work; but in that case you need more translucency and layering to get lifelike results.

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    speckspeck Registered User new member
    Ooh, looks like I have a new tool to buy. Thanks for the suggestions.

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    NibCromNibCrom Registered User regular
    I'm personally not a big fan of the scooped out eye look. But it is a very common solution.

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    miaAusamiaAusa GOD Gamer Of Daters ValhallaRegistered User regular
    the sculptures and artwork are really awesome : D

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    KendeathwalkerKendeathwalker Registered User regular
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