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MOTW 05/09/12 - Good boy



  • redfield85redfield85 Registered User regular
    So, if I want that arc with
    the symbiote dinosaurs
    I can pick up this past issue and maybe the next one or two?

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  • BlankZoeBlankZoe Registered User regular
    It is only 2 issues in and, I think, 4 issues long

    Cap and is a team-up book so you don't need to worry about long-running plotlines

    the first arc is him and Hawkeye vs. Stegron

    second is him and Iron Man

    dunno what the third is yet

  • MunchMunch Registered User regular
    Fatale #5; "I made a promise to you once... Don't have much time left to keep it."
    After years of being terminally ill, and beholden to nefarious forces, Detective Walt Booker tries to do something good, with whatever time he has left.



    Hell Yeah #3; "Superhuman problems. People call you. Problems get too big. You call me."
    In a world where superhumans have irrevocably changed the cultural landscape, Ben Day is the average son, of an extraordinary man. But, when the Ben Days of parallel Earths start to turn up dead, it's up to his parallel Earth girlfriend, to keep him safe from harm.


    Punisher #11; "Guy's just floating there? Just floating in Time Square, commanding zombies."
    Z-list supervillain Black Talon arrives in New York, commanding a horde of zombies, and looking to pick a fight with the Avengers. Unfortunately, he winds up tangling with the Punisher, instead.




    Though I'm bummed that the cool redesign of Black Talon, featured in Van Lente's Marvel Zombies, was discarded, this is a good issue. It functions both as something of a recap of the series up to this point, told through an interview with Detective Bolt, while also serving as a fun done-in-one story.

    Higher Earth #1; "There is a world better than this one! I knew this piece of junk couldn't be it!"
    In a world where it's possible to travel from one Earth to another, some Earth's are covered with sprawling metropolises, while others have been reduced to garbage dumps, for the more fortunate Earths.

    Our story begins one one such garbage dump.


    I'm not sure if I'll be back for issue two, as this one didn't really grab me, but I do love that by page four, there's a girl using a robo-bear, as a vehicle.

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