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[Phall]munity: A Hit Mini-Phalla from NBC, Greendale Students/Faculty (Village) Victory!

CayrusCayrus Registered User regular
edited May 2012 in Critical Failures
Thanks to Spoit for design advice.
OP borrowed extensively from Figgy and Farangu.


Greendale Community College is home to mis-fits, vagabonds, and one of the nation’s bests Air Conditioning Repair Schools. Lately however, a sinister force has recently taken over the school, leading to wacky hijinx, resentment from the students, consternation by the faculty, and the school’s near total destruction on several occasions.

The Dean’s Office
Garrett runs into the office, in a clear panic. The Dean hastily puts away his 2012 Hot Dalmatians Calendar.

“Sir, *huff puff* there’s an emergency! *wheeze*”

“What is it Garrett? Are you okay?”

“Sorry sir, I had to run a very long way from the cafeteria. The student as rioting!”

“Oh no. We’ve got to do something! Call the Study Group, they’ll know what to do!”

“I’m sorry sir, but they’re the reason the students are rioting!”

“Well I’ll be deaned. We’re doomed!”

What is this?

This is a mini-Phalla for 30 players. For the basic rules, look here.
This phalla is set in the universe of the hit NBC sitcom Community, sometime in the third season. If you are unfamiliar with the setting then I hate you go watch Big Bang Theory you goose you should go watch it cause it awesome.

How will this game work?

Every person is required to make one vote, and at least one non-vote post each day. Those who go two days without doing so will be replaced / Inactivused.

Vote close will be at 6:00pm MDT. (5:00pm PDT/ 8:00pm EDT/12:00am GMT). Actions and votes will be taken until 5:59:59. Any Vanilla-related glitches will be taken at face value. The time-stamp is law.

Votes will be in red, Clarifications in orange.

Do not copy-paste, directly quote, screenshot, or otherwise show people your actual role PM. Do not add players to private conversations. If you want to add someone, start a new one.

1 ghost post, but keep all game info out of it. No talking on proboards when you're dead. If you make a proboard, send me a link to it. You can put any orders for powers you have on the proboard. No anonymous contact or ghosting. If you are talking to someone, they have to know your forum handle.

The village wins when all the threats to Greendale Community College have been eliminated. The mafia wins when they outnumber all other players.

!Sign-up in bold lime.

There are no thralls or millers.
In case of a vote tie, both parties die.
The vote does not trickle.
Order of Actions: Vote - Defensive - Offensive - Miscellaneous

Sample Village PM:
You are a Greendale Student!

You a student at Greendale.

You are Village!

You win when all the threats to Greendale Community College have been eliminated.

Former Secret Service Agent Nathaniel Ford in Call of Cthulhu: Whispers in the Darkness

Henri Emmanuel Gratien St Pierre in Where No Man Has Gone Before

Lord Augustus Cumberbatch in Eclipse Phase
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