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Elementalists: The [Phalla] Legacy - GAME END - Plants + Neutral Win!

Erin The RedErin The Red The Name's Erin! Woman, Podcaster, Dungeon Master, IT nerd, Parent, Trans. AMABaton Rouge, LARegistered User regular
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“War. War never changes. A distant ancestor said that long ag-”

“Yeah, but he was full of crap. Back in his day, people poked each other with sticks and swords and arrows. Nowadays people hold the elements in their hands!”

“Would you hush!? You kids these days thing you know everything. You may have the ability to control the elements someday, but you need someone like ME to teach ya!”


Elementalists; those with the power to manipulate the very forces of nature itself.
Few people are born with the potential to shape the world around them in such a way. History has lost the tale of how the first people learned to harness this ability, but those who were capable slowly began to split into three separate factions based on the element of nature they were best able to manipulate: Fire, Water, or Plant life.
Through hundreds of generations, the groups of Elementalists managed to spread over a majority of the planet, marking their territories and fiercely attacking any trespassers into their realms.


Among the victims in this constant battling are 'The Prostrate,' a term given to those who do not possess the abilities of the Elementalists. Without the forces of the world under their control, they are usually subjugated or repelled without much difficulty.


Recently, word has begun to filter through the lands of the existence of a distant island, rich in resources and far away from the rest of the known world. Always eager to expand their holdings, the heads of the three Elementalist groups each choose a small party to send to the island in the hope of claiming it as their own.

The first of several colonization boats lands on shore, unloading its passengers and cargo. The people are optimistic and nervous at the same time, hoping that only they are the ones that know of the island's existence. As the sun passes the midpoint in the sky, an odd structure stands out for only a moment through the dense foliage. Was that a hut? Could people be living here already? Surely such a thing isn’t possible, right?


-Later, under cover of darkness-

“Ok, I think we’ve managed to get here without being seen. Good work, team”
“What’s the plan?”
“Simple. Make them pay. Make them realize that they don’t get to push us around just because they’re some sort of freaks who think themselves gods.”
“Got it. Let’s all meet back here at nightfall tomorrow”

Ok, this is my first stab at running one of these, so feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Rules are the same as usual.
-Signups in Bold + Lime, Votes in Bold + Red, Clarification in Bold + Orange
-Invite me to proboards and any PM threads you may make
-No role-calling
-No direct copy/paste of role PMs.
-Vote ends at 9:00 PM Central time. ANYTHING with a time/edit stamp after that point is considered invalid for all parties involved.

Order of operations is that everything happens before the vote does

Post at least one non-vote post per day along with your mandatory vote post. You get one warning before you are replaced/thrown into the sun somehow.
This Phalla has room for 28 people, and I'm always taking reserves

2. Slym
3. Mr. Mojo Risin
4. SaberOverEasy
8. sportzboytjw
11. The Anonymous
12. tzeentchling
14. jdarksun
18. Capfalcon
21. Alegis
24. REG Rysk
25. Lucedes
26. Grunt's Ghosts
28. Draygo

1. Retaba

+No vote trickling
+In the event of a tie, all players tied for first get killed
+Order of actions: Redirects -> Defensive -> Offensive -> Vote
+No using powers on yourself

Day 1 Begins
Day 1 Ends
Day 2 Ends
Day 3 Ends
Day 4 Ends

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