Isolation - about a gamer who takes a risk (something maybe we can all relate to)

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Hey everyone!
I am new to these forums. I graduate next semester with a Bachelors degree in Media Arts. I am fascinated by screenwriting and plan on writing for video games in Austin, TX (or film in Los Angeles, CA) after I graduate. I wrote this feature film about six months ago. My professor loved it at the time. I never got much feedback from him about the second half of the script which is where I'd like your help. I'm posting the entire script--something I rarely do because I guess I'm paranoid someone will steal my idea or post it on Reddit and turn me into the laughing stock of the internet.

But I've finally gathered the courage to post this "publicly" because I want your feedback no matter how harsh it is. I know that the script could use some work, but I'd rather present this version, get feedback, and work from there instead of poking around in the dark and then presenting it.


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    This might be better served in the Writer's Block, we just do visual arts here.

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    Oh, sorry! Didn't know there was a separate subreddit for that. I will post it there.

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