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Zipping Multiple Folders into Separate Archives in Mac OS X.

ZephonateZephonate Registered User regular
Pretty self-explanatory. I have around 700 folders worth of .jpegs that I want to compress to .zip files, but each in separate archives. Each folder has around fifteen to thirty images in it, so I'd want to compress each of those folders individually, ending up with about 700 .zip files. However, anyone who knows Mac OS X knows that when you right-click several folders, it only give you the option to put them all in a single archive, rather than divide them up. Furthermore, performing this task one archive at a time is incredibly tedious and time consuming, and I pray there's an easier, faster method for doing so.

Anyone out there able to help?

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  • AbracadanielAbracadaniel Registered User regular
    Found this guide for doing something similar using Automator, could be a good starting point for you

  • Apothe0sisApothe0sis Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? Registered User regular
    This is a classic job for the command line.

    Mac OSX uses bash for its terminal, right?

    You'll want todo something like:

    for d in $(ls -1) ;
    zip <some arguments> "$d" "$"

    Sorry I can't be more specific on the zip stuff - I don't have great Internet access at the moment. The GNU/Linux and programming thread guys will be able to be exact if you let them know you want some shell scripting advice.

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