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Japanese/Chinese Characters Going Blocky On Me

KrubixCubeKrubixCube Registered User
edited May 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
Here's a bit of a specific one, but I'm living in Japan, I use Japanese fonts quite often and I've got a problem where about half of the time I boot up into my account Japanese text will show up as squares. Sometimes it can be solved by logging out and logging back in again, I made another user account and a new account doesn't seem to have issues. Funnily enough I think the problem started roughly around the time I installed ME3 back in March. I mean, if I log out enough times I can fix it but it's an annoying problem.

I would just make a new user account but migrating over all my settings/itunes information (yeah, a sad reason I know...) would be a pain in the ass. Anyone have any ideas for what could be causing this?

KrubixCube on


  • NibbleNibble Registered User regular
    What's your OS?
    What programs are unable to display Asian characters? Web browsers, word processors, all programs, or only specific ones? Are some still able to show the characters?
    Does this problem occur only for Japanese, or for both Japanese and Chinese?
    If it occurs for Chinese, where are the programs from? (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.)
    Are you able to see kana but not kanji, or are both affected?
    Do you know what your account's region/locale and default non-Unicode code page settings are?

  • KrubixCubeKrubixCube Registered User
    Ah, I suppose that would help.

    Windows 7 64 bit. It's windows explorer and itunes that have the issue. It shows up in web browser's text boxes just fine. Chinese characters (that are used in Japanese) don't work. I have a feeling it's something to do with the actual font file. Both Kanji and Kana are affected. Non-Unicode is set to english for now, setting it to Japanese does fix the problem but then certain program dialogues will show up in Japanese and I'm not fluent so that's not ideal.

  • DraygoDraygo Registered User regular
    Attempt a system restore before the ME3 install, this may require reinstallation of ME3 but will not damage your save files.

  • KrubixCubeKrubixCube Registered User
    Unfortunately ANOTHER issue on my PC is system restores seem to be taking up hard drive space but not actually showing up in the actual system restore thing. Plus that was months ago...too late for that now unfortunately.

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