MOTW 05/30/12 - At least it was fun while it lasted.

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FF #18 The Human Torch's reign of the negative zone is over it appears.


Who wouldn't vote for this guy?


In Batman Annual #1 Snyder has tweaked the origin for Freeze/Nora. I dig it, but I'm sure lots of people will be Mad over it.



Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #11 is the penultimate chapter to Hickman's run, and is larger setup for the what I assume will be a jam packed finale. Black Widow/Hawkeye/The Falcon take on a Giant People squad.



"Ride or Die?" asked Goku

"Ride or Die" confirmed Dominic Toretto, as they took off to find the Dragon Balls in hopes of reviving their friend Sonic
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    I don't dig the Freeze change, which is a shame, the first thing Snyder has done I don't care for. Too much of a Johns thing to do.

    Walking Dead #98 super duper spoilers for a character death, but it also has one of the out of the blue fight to live scenes yet:




    X-Men Legacy #267 a good end to the fight because it actually picks a winning side for a battle, which the event has lacked so far.
    Rogue just went around absorbing people and knocking them out like old times, but Moon Knight is messing with her head, but she overcomes it to be like She-Hulk and AI Iron Man is like Vision:




    and because the X-Men are peaceful and benevolent they just put the Avengers in their quinjet and have it autopilot back to Avengers Tower

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    definitely not a fan of that freeze change

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    I actually think that's pretty cool.

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    I loved the Batman annual, though
    I'd always liked Mr. Freeze, since he seemed to be the only villain that could justify the crimes he committed. It's a shame that's gone.

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    That is a very Hickman way to end it, and although I wish it had continued for more jokes, he's right to cut it off before it gets hackneyed.

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    I love Mr. Freeze, but my favorite stories with him are actually from the animated series. "Heart of Ice," Sub-Zero, Batman Beyond... In comics, there are stories I love with him in them, like the opening arc of GOTHAM CENTRAL, but for the most part, I feel like he's been more like one of the rogues than a singular frightening villain. So what we wanted to do here, James Tynion IV, Jay Fabok and I, was to take our favorite iterations of Mr. Freeze and build on them here, sort of use them as a foundation for a version that wouldn't tread on what came before so much as expand the mythology and history of the character - in ways that'll be both comforting and surprising at times to readers old and new. My feeling is that he needs to be scary - someone with that tragedy and sadness through Nora - but also someone obsessed, someone deeply disturbed, someone downright fucking terrifying to meet. I really hope you all enjoy our version as much as we've enjoyed creating his story.

    "Ride or Die?" asked Goku

    "Ride or Die" confirmed Dominic Toretto, as they took off to find the Dragon Balls in hopes of reviving their friend Sonic
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    Sorry Scott, no dice.

    The animated series worked so you carry that over, because animated or comic, it is still a different origin for a villain compared to everyone else, especially in recent years with how Johns darkened and upped the creepy on villains. Add that to the new character design, it just feels like a loss in terms of reasonable villains, of which there are very few.

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    I don't get it, there's no tragedy, there's no sadness.

    Truthfully it just felt like a twist to add a twist to the character.

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    Ultimately, if Snyder has another story in mind for Freeze that uses this new origin it could be worth it. Otherwise if this is the only tale he has for the revamped Mr Freeze, it'll be a weird change encased in a decent annual.

    Also other than Heart of Ice, has there been anything good done with Mr Freeze that depended on his Heart of Ice Origin? I mean the Gotham Central story was cool, but the origin had no bearing on it.

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    "Ride or Die?" asked Goku

    "Ride or Die" confirmed Dominic Toretto, as they took off to find the Dragon Balls in hopes of reviving their friend Sonic
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    Gonna be the devils advocate here, because i dont like the change, but i see why they did it.

    TAS Freeze is not a villan. He's a broken man trying to help his wife any way he can. Batman/Bruce Wayne was fuck you money. He could litterally go "Victor you now work at waynetech/star labs ill fund it and well work out something with the courts filing temporary insanity."

    Bang. Your done. You never have to fight Mr. Freeze ever again. And on the fact that not only would waynetech make BANK on patents with victors cryotech, when he does eventually cure his wife pharmacys would be litterally killing themselves over trying to get the rights to it.

    Making him crazy is a bit lazy on their part, but at least it makes it so bats actually has a reason to fight him other then being a dick.

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    The Animate Series only used him 4 or 5 times in its run. There is a reason for that. Fr. Freezes motive only works for a couple stories granted I would have preferred he became an ally.

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    I agree the Freeze BG re-write is a change for changes sake. A man willing to do anything to save his wife is a wonderful motivation for some really evil actions.

    Batman can pound him all day long and not look bad if you have Freeze reject any offers of assistance on the basis he is crazy paranoid and stubborn and everyone is trying to steal his research and Nora would be fine by now if everyone would just stay out of his way, etc.

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    Man, I'm just mad that Lazara is no longer in continuity.

    Nah but seriously, that change seems pretty dumb.

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    I don't think that's such a bad change, the wife thing was played up for a long time and more than ran it's course. Hell with what they did with Nora the whole thing was face palm worthy so I'm willing to see how this plays out.

    The only bad thing about this I don't like is it's just another beef with Bruce Wayne, or as Robin would say another fine villain made possible by the Wayne Foundation.

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    Yeah I prefer Batman villains that don't have personal vendettas against Wayne

    I like them as dark reflections of Batman created by Gotham City

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    Tairu wrote: »
    Yeah I prefer Batman villains that don't have personal vendettas against Wayne

    I like them as dark reflections of Batman created by Gotham City

    This. All the change to Freeze did was remove the only thing readers could empathize with.

    FF#18 was thoroughly cool though.
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