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Cardio (and possible alternatives)

billwillbillwill Registered User regular
edited May 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
Alright, I already do stuff with boxing, which is definitely a great work out, but I'd like to involve the legs more.

I tried running the other day on my treadmill (something I haven't done in forever), but besides finding it incredibly boring, my feet began to swell and it became very painful! Do I just need to walk and slowly ramp up?

Also, I'm open to possible alternatives to just running/walking. Maybe cycling? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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  • mere_immortalmere_immortal So tasty!Registered User regular
    Depending on the pace cycling and swimming are good and low impact.

    I always enjoy a rowing machine, obviously if you have gym access.

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  • BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular

  • NotYouNotYou Registered User regular
    Swimming is great cardio and works out all kinds of muscles you don't normally use.

    If you're a boxer, you've gotta run. Road work is just one of the basics of a boxing training regimen. You should be throwing in some wind sprints as well. That ought to keep it interesting.

    Rowing machines are good as mere_immortal stated.

    Running up and down stairs is great if you can find a stadium or just a really long straight stairwell somewhere in your area.

    You can lift weights fast enough to be out of breath, and that'll also boost your cardio.

  • Mego ThorMego Thor "I say thee...NAY!" Registered User regular
    Do you have stairs nearby? Run up and down 'em.

  • redfield85redfield85 Registered User regular
    I just saw cardio and you want to use your legs more? Dance Dance Revolution.

    I have two Redoctane pads (that I got for $100 each back in the day...seemingly cheaper now). They still work great.

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  • FairchildFairchild Rabbit used short words that were easy to understand, like "Hello Pooh, how about Lunch ?" Registered User regular
    Cycling is awesome. Puts a lot less stress on the joints than running or jumping rope.

  • piLpiL Registered User regular
    Dogs bark, truckers drive, and boxers skip rope.

    A good rope costs $5 and there's plenty enough variation in jumping styles that you'll probably quit out of frustration before boredom. But keep with it, because the endurance is useful, and I find it much less boring than running.

  • FairchildFairchild Rabbit used short words that were easy to understand, like "Hello Pooh, how about Lunch ?" Registered User regular
    10 minutes of jumping rope = 3 miles of running, calorie-burning wise. But Holy Moley is it high impact, and all those years of football did enough damage to my knees and ankles.

  • ZombiemamboZombiemambo Registered User regular
    Personally I fell in love with cycling and I hate cardio. I get to see the city (my part of town is beautiful, so ymmv) and exercise but it hardly feels like work.

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