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Warhammer Fantasy Battles: Skaven eat cheese (when they are given it).



  • Halos Nach TariffHalos Nach Tariff Can you blame me? I'm too famous.Registered User regular
    Oh man, those are both great, I really like the face sculpt on that stormcast too, might pick one up just to paint/stick in warhammer quest.

  • EchoEcho Where da waaagh at? Moderator mod
    They're apparently "exclusive to the set", but I doubt that will last for long.

    Echo wrote: »
    Let they who have not posted about their balls in the wrong thread cast the first stone.
  • BadablackBadablack Registered User regular
    They'll probably be pretty pricey if they get their own boxes, if the betrayal at Calth and silver tower single packs are anything to go by. Trawling eBay will still be the best way to pick them up.

    I wonder what I could use the sigmar guys for in 40k. All their models are so cheap to pick up from people almost giving them away after buying starter sets for chaos stuff.

    FC: 1435-5383-0883
  • BrainleechBrainleech Registered User regular
    Echo wrote: »
    They're apparently "exclusive to the set", but I doubt that will last for long.

    Either way people chop up sets and piece them out on ebay all the time.
    Still I would like to know more about those city sets

    It's the general in this box I have

    I kind of like it still but it shows my awful painting at the time

  • Golden YakGolden Yak Burnished Bovine The PIT, level 26Registered User regular
    honovere wrote: »
    Also adorable snail:


    Deamon Charactes just have the most...character.

    Hah, I love it. Also love that Horticulous' weapon is a giant pair of daemonic garden shears. The daemonic tree with all its little details is great as well.

  • JusticeforPlutoJusticeforPluto Total Goober Registered User regular
    Dayspring wrote: »
    Lady Stormcast

    That would make a pretty cool lady space marine.

    H3KnucklesBloodySlothGolden Yak
  • Halos Nach TariffHalos Nach Tariff Can you blame me? I'm too famous.Registered User regular
    There's a lot to digest in this new general's handbook (plus the accompanying FAQs) some pretty reasonable looking points shuffling and changes to some of the more eyebrow raising battle traits/artefacts (which is to say Battle Brew) on top of all the new stuff.
    The new matched play missions look like interesting twists on the previous ones which look like fun, I'm excited to get to grips with it, though now I have to try and reshuffle what I actually want to try and take to the GT finals... Kinda hoping a daughters of khaine book drops before then...

  • SharpyVIISharpyVII Registered User regular
    SharpyVII wrote: »

    To celebrate the release of this revolutionary painting app, we’re running a competition to give 5 early downloaders a free set of every single base, shade and layer paint in the Citadel range!

    That’s well over 100 paints! What do you have to do to be in with a chance to win this fabulous prize, you ask?

    What complex set of tasks must be completed in order to be found worthy of such bounty?

    You just have to download it!

    The earlier the better, as every day of the week after download, one lucky app-user will be informed that they have won. The first draw will be on Monday the 18th, continuing all week with the final draw on Friday the 22nd – so the earlier you download, the better your odds are of winning.

  • Halos Nach TariffHalos Nach Tariff Can you blame me? I'm too famous.Registered User regular
    I think I have settled on a GT Finals list, it is not very good, but with the BCR/Destruction hits I wasn't going to get near the top tables in any case, and, hey, it's not as if I have to hit a certain rank to qualify this time round or anything.

    Cauldron of Blood (Witchbrew, General, Battleshock bubble)

    Cauldron of Blood (Witchbrew, Phoenix Stone)
    Death Hag (Blade of Khaine)
    Bloodwrack Medusa
    30x Witch Aelves
    30x Sisters of Slaughter
    5x Doomfire Warlocks
    5x Doomfire Warlocks
    ((Bloodwrack Sisterhood Battalion))

    Dreadlord on Black Dragon (Lance of Spite, Darkshield)

    That's 1990 points and three drops, though I just learned that you can't put any allegiance wargear on allies, so I had to take the classic Quicksilver Potion off the dragon.
    Unfortunately this list does mean I have to build+paint another cauldron, 20 sisters of slaughter and 5 warlocks in, er, less than a month, plus practice all the new missions, oh boy...

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