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Warhammer Fantasy Battles: Skaven eat cheese (when they are given it).



  • PiptheFairPiptheFair Registered User regular
    The sharks and the bow thralls don't currently show up much in competitive lists (which is a shame cos the models are very nice!) but the Tidecaster and melee thralls are good, and the eels form the backbone of pretty much every IDK list right now. So it's not a horrible box or anything, for casual/beginner games it's more than adequate, and it's certainly the cheapest way to get into IDK until they (possibly) get a Start Collecting box. Plus the competitive meta for AoS changes quite rapidly anyway, by next year Allopexes could be the new hotness, who knows? If you like the models it's a good buy.

    the sharks costing 45 bucks a piece as well is nuts

    Skayel wrote:
    One time, I had a friend over to play a bit of Red Alert on my LAN. During the game he said he needed to go to the bathroom, so we paused it. After about 10 minutes of wondering where the hell he went, I get up and go to check on him.

    Turns out he was trying to screw my dog.
    Once I was taking a poop at a restaurant and a kid crept underneath the door into my stall. I let out a big fart and then he threw up all over the floor in front of me and I just stared at him.
    Halos Nach Tariff
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