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Xanth: A [Phalla] for Chameleon - Day 6 - Mafia Victory!



  • 38thDoe38thDoe lets never be stupid again wait lets always be stupid foreverRegistered User regular
    So, uh

    Why did you vig me day one, 38th?

    Normal targets were not playing, Phallakinetic still in my head. I was also thinking of hitting Spoit which would have been better.
    My apologies.

  • SLyMSLyM Registered User regular
    Day one:

    Seer guard

    Day two:

    Guard is killed by mafia and also vig


    Steam Starcraft SLeague of Legends
  • LanglyLangly Registered User regular
    Bedlam wrote: »
    Capfalcon thanks for running! I had a lot of fun and always wanted to be SK since Echo Bazaar (seriously how was jack of smiles not in there?)

    Anyway can you tell me what happened with day 3? I originally put Baidol and Void Slayer down, but changed the order to Dave Fella and Warban (why the fuck did I even pick warban?)

    So seeing INANTP and Void Slayer being put down is a bit confusing.

    Jack of smiles got cut from the game because his mechanics were a bit too ambitious and I couldn't get them working right before the game started.

    Since jack actually can't kill people, he was going to be a sk/cultist hybrid. He would mark a person each night, but only do a point of damage. The mark wouldn't change alignment, but if jack died, someone with the markwould randomly get his vig/mark power. The win con would be to have a majority of still living players marked then not at the end of the game.

    But I couldn't decide on how many marks per night he should get, or if he should be able to control the vig after he died, or if the win con was too hard etc.

    So I cut the role. I might use something like him later, I dunno.

  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    I was not a real guard, but more of an auto-self-guard. I was immune to all Magic attacks.
    GrimmyTOA wrote: »
    I really enjoyed this, although I guess that when I needed to shift the wagon off of me I should have just epic revealed as a neutral. Oh well.

    Also, for what it's worth, I tried to release a weakened kime on night one. He chose not to take my entirely sensible deal.

    Thanks for running this Capfalcon. If I had one suggestion, I'd day that maybe for souls was a bit high. With so many empowered types it was going to be tricky to find people willing to give up the whole thing -- and with communication to the sleepers possible, there wasn't the desperate urgency to sell that every purchaser really wants.

    Four souls is mostly reasonable. But it basically means you have to survive until the end.

    And once I learned that I still had my ability in the dreamworld, taking your deal became a lot less desirable. But I was sad you died, I definitely indicated via Void Slayer that you were not a target! So I had no plans on betraying you :).

    Assuran wrote: »
    Kime could still use his power even while asleep and could receive messages, but only talk to the demons. Warban sent him a message with a code to come back through Void Slayer via myself so Void wouldn't know who sent it. It was brilliant and answered a lot of our questions.

    When we lost any way to bring him back when Grimmy died after Blasphemer didn't speak up as a special to save himself, I was soooooo annoyed because it also meant the village lost our supreme guard. I honestly was just going to let Kime stay there and safely out of harms way.

    Oh goodness warban was brilliant. While I was asleep, anyone could PM me, even if I couldn't reply. warban discovered this, and then sent me these PMs:
    Ok. I have an Idea. I need some answers from you about things: I suspect there are two or three Demons in this game. And hoping I can get some information though proxy though void slayer.

    Void Slayer. (Demon Seer) Says he is a demon who is (After 6 Names of Wizards). Gets this be seering.
    GrimmyTOA. Is the demon who is trying to gain souls and steals powers. Says he can wake up people.
    I think there is also a 3rd Vig demon running about but I don't know much about him at this point. I think he went after Bink day one.

    Right now I need to know if you think we should kill GrimmyTOA. And if you think it will free you from the sleep and or if the sleep is coming from another party.
    I want you to ask for Void Slayer to pass on a set of number to Assuran based on your answer. Use more than one number if you think it also applies. I'm hoping Void Slayer doesn't block this if you do reply.

    Pass on the message as a request to be sent. I don't think Void Slayer will have any idea what he is sending. I'm going to get Assuran to ask for this information as well, hopefully before tomorrow.

    Zero. You think we should focus on ignoring the demons and go after the Mafia.

    One. You think we should kill GrimmyTOA.
    Two. You think we should kill VoidSlayer. (one and two if you think we should kill both)
    Three. You think its a different demon putting people to sleep and we should hunt them.

    Four. You think it's a mechanic tried to all the demons being alive and thus they all must die.[b/]

    Five. You put yourself to sleep. It's part of your ability.
    Six. You are Bink.

    Seven. You are certain GrimmyTOA is putting people to sleep.
    Eight. You can use your ability while asleep.
    Nine. You are certain all demons must die to remove the sleep mechanic from the game.
    Amend to this:

    Ten. Then another number [x]. If you know who the demon who is putting people to sleep is in relation to:

    11. ObiFett
    12. SLyM
    13. Anialos
    15. Assuran
    16. Figgy GrimmyTOA
    17. Baidol
    110. kime
    112. warban
    113. Langly
    116. Cythraul
    117. CaptainPlanet82
    118. That Dave Fella
    119. stever777
    120. SaberOverEasy
    122. Lucedes
    123. JaysonFour
    124. Void Slayer
    125. Smoove Operator
    126. Bedlam
    128. Cayrus
    129. Owl.
    131. El Skid
    132. I needed a name to post.
    133. Malkor
    134. Diorinix
    135. Kias

    Very, very clever!

    Thanks @Capfalcon for running this. It was fun and had some cool, creative ideas.

    PA HotS Group ID: kime#1822
    3DS Friend Code: 3110-5393-4113
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  • GrimmyTOAGrimmyTOA Registered User regular
    kime wrote: »
    And once I learned that I still had my ability in the dreamworld, taking your deal became a lot less desirable.

    I can totally understand that. I'm actually surprised that you were able to be killed by my death. I was killed by magic, which harmed you by extension -- in the fluff you'd have had some sort of out. :P

    Warban's code is sheer genius.

  • warbanwarban Who the Hoof do you think we are? Registered User regular
    Yes. The code was fun. Such an abuse of game mechanics. But fun. I wish GrimmyTOA didn't die. Having Kime back would of helped a lot. Finding out he was Bink annoyed me alot. Because He was hardest to kill villager.

    Looking back it was clever but pointless. If I had known GimmyTOA was the only way out of sleep I would of asked Kime to take the offer sooner. Oh well.

  • Smoove OperatorSmoove Operator Registered User regular
    I agree that we (mafia) were a little overpowered. I actually think the Vole kill was fine in the mid/early game, because it seemed like the idea was to have a ton of mechanics and fireworks all going at once. But being able to keep both of our group kills when it was down to just me made it much easier. With only 1 kill per day, I would have had to do quite a bit more dancing to ensure that I stayed more or less trusted.

    Also, through no fault of CapFalcon's game design I happened to get the Vole kill AND the 2 SK kills off of random rolls in 2 consecutive days. That's just lucky/unlucky, depending on perspective.

    Honesty, Integrity, Handshakefulness

    HoTS: Schmutz#1686
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