Vicarious Ink's Mega Movie Magic and Sorcery [Video]

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Afternoon all you artists and people who browse.

I thought I would make a thread for my movies that I make. I am currently enlisted to start Full Sail University early next year and been into cinematography for a while now. After being laid off in late April, I decided that it was time to actually follow my dream of being a director and screenwriter. In that end, I thought: "Hell, what better place to post this stuff in then Penny Arcade?!" Okay, actually, that didn't actually come up till I was already here browsing around, but what the hell, right?

Anyways, without further adieu, here is our latest submission. We are bringing new videos every other week for the time being while I plan out all the shots and get everything together.

Monday Challenge: Interrogation

Obviously, please critique and let me know what you think, I will get better with every other short I film and soon I will have a sound guy and 3D artist, so soon we will be bringing you all really nice crap.

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    HolofernesHolofernes Registered User regular
    I'll just throw out what came to mind as I watched.

    The opening shot is framed pretty poorly. You never have the entire head of the guy on screen - only half of it. When you move up, his hair is still cut out; then you only see his lips when he spits out the blood.
    The victim is obviously waiting for the other actor's punch.
    The shot of the guy wiping the blood off of his hands has two problems: the camera is just a little bit too shaky, and it's not clear that the victim is in the same room. At first I thought they were in a different room talking about him, but for some reason you shot it in the same garage. Then I realized the guy was referring to the victim who is sitting away a few feet off camera. You should have had all three guys in the shot. This might have worked better as a close up on the hands getting wiped while the actors talk.
    The next 5 seconds where nothing is happening while we wait for the guy to put the cigarette in his mouth and blow smoke should have been cut.
    No reactions at all from the victim when smoke is being blown in his face (or anything) - in the entire short he just looks like your friend who is sitting in a chair, totally bored, while he waits for you to finish filming. Especially the "go to hell" line, he says it so flat and then there's this weird delay before he suddenly remembers you wanted him to spit at the other guy.
    We never see the second interrogator's face - this would be good if you hid the first interrogator's face the whole time as well, but it doesn't make much sense that you show one and not the other.
    The blood itself looked okay, but the problem is that it looks like you just smeared fake blood all over the guy's face and called it good. If you want to pull it off you need to put some bruises, scratch marks, and other discoloring makeup on him.
    The lighting is not very good and is the exact same in every shot. You need some proper lights and not just a room that happens to have a fluorescent bulb.
    The dartboard, random stuff, and game/movie posters that are all over the set look so ridiculously out of place for an interrogation that it's hard to take this scene seriously.

    So...yeah. A little harsh but you're on the right track. Just think more about what or who is in each shot, and why it should be there. It also feels like your actors could have done a much better job if you just pushed them a little harder as a director, which is something you should try to do.

    it's like you know your perspective's fucked so you just let your hands work the controls as if you were straight
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    amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    Aside from the fact it's your buddies acting, which is always going to look slightly less professional (but not bad by any means, I enjoyed this!) my only gripe was the blood on the face. It did indeed look like it was just applied with a brush. There needed to be more detail, some bruising, cuts, etc.

    Other than that I thought it was really cool, keep em coming!

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