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Music is music as devices are kisses is everything

MarkWebsterMarkWebster Ottersaurus RexOntarioRegistered User regular
edited June 2012 in Artist's Corner
I'm always interested to hear what music people write, so share it out. =]

I recorded an EP and stuck it out in February. It can be found here:

It's called "Rawr Means "I Love You" In Dinosaur".

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  • NappuccinoNappuccino Surveyor of Things and Stuff Registered User regular
    Gave your stuff a listen.

    Overall I think it's pretty swell stuff. The Production is pretty clean and, while that personally isn't my tastes, you do a pretty good job making sure that isn't a detriment.

    Gonna go in order of songs, I guess.

    Faculty: I feel like the main synth for the melody stands out too much compared to the rest of the music. It doesn't feel quite like it belongs with the rest of the music. The rhythm guitar is solid, but I think it could be higher in the mix or use a different style of distortion (or maybe just record the amp when it is cranked up a bit)- it feels a bit too compressed and sterile.

    Attention!: Nice use of loops at the beginning. I was a bit sad to hear them fade away so quickly. Do they return later in the song? It's a bit hard to tell, but I think I'd like the song to come full circle and get some them back. I think when the guitar comes in at 1:25, you could stand to have both tracks come in at the same time, the one in the right channel is nice, but it sounds a bit empty without the left channel's track there too. The distortion seems to fit better, though now the synth and drums seem too low in the mix (from 2:30-3:30). I would definitely bump the drums up as some of the energy and impact is lost with them so low.

    Zombie: Here the mix seems off again. I think the drums are too low at the start. Great sounding riffs at the start. I wouldn't be afraid to let some of them play out a bit longer (0:27 was freaking awesome and over a bit too soon- I feel like that could have been developed instead of just transitioning out of it.) I feel like you spend a bit too much time at the end of the song with something that isn't particularly interesting. It is a fine bridge to other things, but as it stands, it doesn't compare to the early parts of the song. I do like the synth that shows up towards the end though.

    (I hope you don't mind, I did a super rough edit of how I think you could improve the song minus a bit and a call back to that awesome early riff

    testing: I think this is the best opening of the bunch- sounds really nice and well though out from the get go. However, I don't think using the piano for percussive chords works very well at the 0:46 mark. It works nicely in the build up to there, but starts to feel a little empty during that section. It might just be that it is too high in the mix as it seems like it continues through later, but much quieter (almost too quiet).

    I really liked the break down /groove at 1:56.

    Things get much too quiet at the 3 min mark, esp for a climax- i suggest bumping that up.

    Hope some of my thoughts help!

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  • MarkWebsterMarkWebster Ottersaurus Rex OntarioRegistered User regular
    Thanks! Not really much else I can say on that...

    When I first did this I had Attention first, then Zombie then Testing then Facility (gerrit?! heh.) so maybe that affects the flow, I stuck Facility up to the top because it's the song most people liked.

    Attention is a bit broken, it's my least favourite of the four, I tried 4 or 5 different starting points to lead into the 9/8 bit where you hear the first guitars, the middle quiet bit was just jammed in there too as I was recording and though "oh, let's try this!".

    I actually wanted to take the first bit of Zombie out and start it on something else. A friend told me to keep it though so that's how it stayed.

    Testing, I simply ran out of time on this, hence the poor synth quality (along with the fact I can't actually play keyboards). It's a bit overloaded until the middle section.

    Facility: This is an interesting one, I wrote lyrics for it and I was going to get a friend to sing it for me. That lead line is compensation for the vocals never happening (it's just a direct transpose of the melody too). The lyrics were written about the sort of kids Child's Play help (indeed I had primitive plans to release it with donations to Child's Play, but without vocals the meaning was lost), and is something I may revisit in the future if someone wants to sing over it.

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