[PAX PRIME] International Souvenir Exchange

miklepandamiklepanda Registered User
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I was thinking it'd be nice to trade souvenirs from all over the place. I can get like 20 keychains for like 10 bucks or something at the Craft Market here in Lima, Peru.


Other examples of stuff that's probably too big to get on a plane.


So yeah, if anybody want's to trade something from anywhere, please post here.

zerzhul on


  • nowaymartinnowaymartin Registered User
    I'm in for the trading...but wait! we're from the same city.

    ichi-go ichi-e
  • LigerLiger Registered User regular
    If I can manage to find Bellevue swag that doesn't come with a Microsoft logo, I'll bring some. :)

    5932306549_6b4d957b56.jpg CUSTOM LANYARDS FOR PAX
  • miklepandamiklepanda Registered User
    Even if it comes with a Microsoft logo it would be nice to have.

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