Panel Request: Doctor Doom Screaming "Richards!"

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I really thought this would be easier. I really did. I mean, how hard can it be to find a panel of Dr. Doom simply shouting "Richards!"? It seemed like such a classic situation. Surely, I assumed, such panels would be abundant. I could choose from among many! But scouring my (limited) collection of FF comics, and searching the usual internet places, I came up empty. Not even one. Today, I am ashamed to be a comics-reader.

Does such a panel actually exist? If so, would someone be so kind as to help me find it (them)?

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    HenslerHensler Registered User regular
    I can't actually recall any scene of Doom just screaming Richards. He's usually more melodramatic than that. I do like to pretend that is what he is screaming in this image, though:


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    azith28azith28 Registered User regular
    Do a search for Toyfare's Twisted Toyfare theater. lots of 'RICHARDS' poses in there, and usually pretty funny.

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