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1 Minute Short Horror Film // Suburban Zombie or the Decay of the Mind.

Doom-SkullDoom-Skull Registered User
edited June 2012 in Artist's Corner
Greetings pessimists, narcissists and fellow non-believers and welcome to tonight’s entertainment. Join me in a real life horror story, a story so utterly fragmented in the illusion of both time and space, that most will simply choose to deny or ignore that elements of this reality even exist.

What kind of a wretched soul doomed to an eternity of damnation would dare ponder such a thought? Someone, no doubt, with a passion for creating mind numbing nonsensical garbage, someone who was highly influenced by such atrocities like The Twilight Zone or even 1950’s EC horror comics.

Our story begins in an average suburban shed. This could be anywhere, this could be any time.

This is the story of the Suburban Zombie or the decay of the mind.

Doom-Skull on


  • KrubixCubeKrubixCube Registered User
    Dun dun...duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. Yeah, I have no idea what just happened. Good eye for framing in some of those shots though.

  • Doom-SkullDoom-Skull Registered User
    Cheers for the comment mate! It's a story about media control and our inability to escape the clutches of a media saturated landscape even if we try. It then attempts to leave you pondering the question who's is watching whom? Again, thanks for commenting! I love to hear feedback.

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