Looking to move somewhere with trees, rivers, nature



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    DerrickDerrick Registered User regular
    Kentucky around the Louisville area or close to Cincinnati might be up your alley.

    There are plenty of forests to go around. It's right on the Ohio River and the mountains are just a drive away. Mammoth Cave is around Bowling Green. The big seller though would be real estate. You can get a palace in KY for 180K compared to what you get in most places. I moved to the East Coast from Kentucky and I'm still getting used to the sticker shock to housing where I am now.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    KarrmerKarrmer Registered User regular
    EWom wrote: »
    Lots of people from Montana seem to end up moving to Spokane, WA; and for what ever reason seem to love it. They get a little bit of snow, in the winter, but usually more rain. Then in the summer they have lots of sunny warm days, to enjoy nature with. I don't know what the housing market is like, but it seems like there are lots of little towns that Spokane is growing into, and that's most likely where you'd find a house. You'll just have to find somewhere that hasn't been turned into a yuppie "sub division" type town, full of mini-mansions and what not.

    Living in Spokane, puts you at a 3 hour drive away from Montana. Which is the best place to be, if you don't care about having a good job or making any money. Glacier National Park, the best trout fishing in the world, the blackfoot river to float, more forests and wilderness than many states have land period. So if you have a long weekend while living in Spokane, you could come to MT and have a great nature time for a day or two, then go home, and still have reasonable nature. But as others have said the nearest "big city" is Seattle, which is on the other end of the state.

    My sister moved from MT to Seattle, said it was an absolute shit hole, moved to Spokane, and never wants to leave. So that's just one person's opinion; but there you go.

    Spokane / CDA area is definitely one of my front runners currently.

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    sportzboytjwsportzboytjw squeeeeeezzeeee some more tax breaks outRegistered User regular
    Spokane is the suckier half of that area (I mean, if you're not in town, it's mostly fine). Western MT is pretty too (but stay out of Eastern MT... too dry for me).

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