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[RECRUITING CLOSED] [Mouse Guard PbP] The Long Road to Copperwood - OOC



  • milk ducksmilk ducks Registered User regular
    How about @The Everyman and @Marshmallow?

    Everyone's good to go?

  • the_jake_1973the_jake_1973 Registered User regular
    I've posted.

  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Swish SwishRegistered User regular
    edited August 2012
    Honestly I'm getting a bit busier with real life things then I intended, recently, and what foruming time I have is mostly getting devoured by games that I'm running and therefore consider to have "dibs", as it were.

    I feel super shitty about dropping in the middle of a mission (and taking so long to admit it to myself), though, and if you think it would make things easier to get a few more rounds of posting in I can certainly try and make the time to give things a proper wrap-up.

    Marshmallow on
  • milk ducksmilk ducks Registered User regular
    Oh, it's not a big deal, man. I've played in (and run) plenty of these, so I know how it goes, lol. Honestly, we're at a good pausing point right now. I start back to college in about 3 weeks, and begin my internship, as well, so I'm about to be super busy, too. If it's okay with you guys, I can actually just save all of the stuff we've written so far, and if / when we can get the band back together, we'll continue the story.

    Like I said, this isn't my first PbP game, so I kind of saw this coming. And I'm cool with that.

  • the_jake_1973the_jake_1973 Registered User regular
    Not a problem, MD. Thanks for starting it. It has given me a good illustration of the conflict resolution to bring into my f2f game.

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