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[PATV] Wednesday, June 20, 2012 - Extra Credits Season 4, Ep. 18: Games You Might Not Have Tried #4

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
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image[PATV] Wednesday, June 20, 2012 - Extra Credits Season 4, Ep. 18: Games You Might Not Have Tried #4

This week, we recommend some more interesting, "under the radar" games.<br /> Come discuss this topic in the <a href="; target="_blank">forums</a>!

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  • chapel582chapel582 Registered User new member
    my favorite episodes!

  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    The bridge simulator looks pretty interesting.

  • ZythonZython Registered User regular
    The bridge simulator looks pretty interesting.

    Agreed. I really want to try that one out sometime.

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  • net_runnernet_runner Registered User new member
    Artemis - geek nirvana

  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    Lone Survivor looks fun, grabbing it on your recommendation!

    Day Z looks great too, but costs way too much for a blind gamble, especially since I got no friends playing it.

    Oh brilliant
  • Casper_Casper_ Registered User new member
    The Game of Thrones mod made me want Crusader Kings, but I'm broke, so...

  • SmithburgSmithburg Registered User new member
    Hell Yes! They talked about DayZ :D That game is WONDERFUL

  • SmithburgSmithburg Registered User new member
    Also you can get lone survivor in the humble indie bundle if you look it up :D its good

  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    I just went a lookin'

    Guess it just ended. :P

    Oh brilliant
  • ShalokShalok Registered User new member
    Love it definitely thinking of picking up crusader kings

  • SmithburgSmithburg Registered User new member
    Damn. That sucks.

  • YorunoYoruno Registered User new member
    die2nite, a text-based coop zombie survival where your goal is to survive with 39 other players in a town. Your death is certain, there's no way out of it, your only goal is to survive as long as you can, mostly by scavenging and construction. Grim as it sounds, it can be very fun and dramatic(in more ways than one).

    Wakfu, an mmo turn based strategy rpg which is like a mix of FFT with Avernum. The only turn-off i have with this game is the painful subscription vs free option.

    I dont know if this game is still up but.. Free Allegiance, an instance based pvp space sim shooter with RTS elements. "Commander" and vice plays in strategy-like topdown-ish view while the rest of the team are put into shooter view and deploy sensors, scout, fight, protect miners, etc etc. The game features different factions, ships and tech trees, in-battle economy, up to 15 vs 15 with about 30 or so maps, ALOT of voice commands (iirc around 200), etc etc, at the price of the game being really complex and with VERY steep learning curve.

    Just putting those out here in case EC wanna check them, they're not well known but pretty darn awesome, if not unique. Best part is they're all free2play. FA being purely f2p, d2n and wakfu has subscription option.

    On a side note, i just might buy Arma II for dayz mod....

  • jaxsjaxs Registered User new member
    I surprised that they still haven't mentioned
    Tribes: Ascend.
    I's Tribes. Also free to play. All you have to do is sign up for an account.
    Also they update the game almost every other week.

  • DedwrekkaDedwrekka Metal Hell adjacentRegistered User regular
    edited June 2012
    @Jaxs The idea of this isn't to focus on necessarily good games, but games that do something different from a design perspective. From what I saw of Tribes there was a bit of interesting gameplay, but not a lot of innovation when it came to mechanics or design.

    Dedwrekka on
  • GrieverGriever Registered User new member
    edited June 2012
    Sorry, double post. this one is the one i wanted to delete

    Griever on
  • GrieverGriever Registered User new member
    I would really like to know the name of the song that is playing during the Lone Survivor segment.

  • SubidoSubido Registered User new member
    MLP reference made this episode 20% cooler

  • KonfuziusKonfuzius Registered User new member
    Wizardry 8! Go for it Extra Credits! Try it and tell the world how great it it!
    No seriously. Great RPG, probably the best one ive played so far.

  • LilliLilli Registered User regular
    edited June 2012
    I'm only sad that they talked about the Arcen game A Valley Without Wind instead of AI War: Fleet Command. AI War is by far one of the most unique RTS games done.

    Edit: Also Griever, I'm 90% sure that the music used is from the Lone Survivor trailer. Not sure what the song is though.

    Lilli on
  • MakoforteMakoforte Registered User new member
    That Artemis thing reminds me of something that had been making the Australian Roleplaying and Scifi convention scene during the 90s called 'Bridge Crew', but with much fancier graphics.

    All I can find for reference now is the old website, and unlike Artemis, Bridge Crew was extremely 2D and required a GM to run the enemy ships, but it's a similar sort of thing. But Bridge Crew was definitely designed as a convention experience, as opposed to a 'grab your friends and play' thing.

  • 13peeps13peeps Registered User new member
    edited June 2012
    Heyhey wait. Aren't those glasses at around 5:45 the EXACT SAME GLASSES that Pinkie Pie wore in "Griffon the Brush Off"? HA! I see what you did there, Allison.

    13peeps on
  • whitepicnicwhitepicnic Registered User new member
    Always love to see these episodes, but I'm bummed that "To the Moon" got overlooked; it definitely deserves a spot on one of these lists

  • mavrick88mavrick88 Registered User regular
    I believe it was mentioned in a past episode, but Sins of a Solar Empire is one of my favorite games that has gotten pretty much zero coverage. Last week the stand alone expansion Rebellion was released and I found out about it by logging on to Steam to play Sins: Trinity Pack. All the places I go to find lists of the weeks releases never had it listed. If you want a RTS that makes you prepare for each move. then this is for you. And with Rebellion adding three new factions, new tech research, ships, and the MASSIVE(can't stress that enough) Titan Sins has only gotten better with age. Be ready to multitask though because there is a lot of it. The multiplayer community is small, but very dedicated to the game.

    I was driving some out-of-towner friends around, and I kept complaining about being blinded. They responded with "You see, where we come from, people tend to wear Sunglasses." I retorted with a simple "You people tend to have sun."
  • angelofdust337angelofdust337 Registered User new member
    edited June 2012
    I think a lot of people have mentioned and/or praised To the Moon at this point, so I don't think, that whether or not EC knew of it, would put it in the list since this is a list for very obscure games

    angelofdust337 on
  • Tim DarkmagicTim Darkmagic Registered User regular
    edited June 2012
    These episodes are some of my favorites. I can't wait until I'm done with my exams so I can sit down and try one of these. Also Artemis looks amazing. I had not heard of it until now but it makes so much sense as a concept I can't wait until I get a change to play it.

    EDIT: I love the outro music. I hope that group does some more stuff.

    Tim Darkmagic on
  • AndyLuniqueAndyLunique Registered User regular
    You could HEAR how excited he was over the Game of Thrones Mod heheheh

  • TiagoR2TiagoR2 Registered User regular
    Where's the after-credits sentence? I feel incomplete inside.

  • HolamanHolaman Registered User new member
    Where can I find Artemis? Checked Steam, Amazon, Pirate Bay, and even retail stores and couldn't find it.

  • WaladilWaladil Registered User regular
    edited June 2012

    I've only played the game over the Internet with a single friend, it was pretty lame actually.

    BECAUSE! It was just the two of us, and we didn't even have VC running, AND it was just the demo. I'm HUGELY excited for our next LAN party, on the full version.

    Also, shout out for Avernum! Love that game, as well as the Geneforge series from the same guy (Jeff Vogel, of Spiderweb Software)

    I have to admit I don't really like the other entries in the Avernum series, but only because they lacked a "walk" animation, and watching my characters pop around gave me a headache.

    EDIT: Ninja'd by eveninglion. But only because I had to stop and make an account :'(

    Waladil on
  • DinoDino Registered User new member
    edited June 2012
    Dino on
  • ZonbiTaraZonbiTara Registered User new member
    So here are two games that I find to be epic and should be on here:

    Within a Deep Forest
    This is a Farley obscure title that was released around 2006. It's a platformer, but not in traditional sense. Instead of controlling a character directly like in Mario, you control a constantly bouncing ball. You don't get any controls other than bounce higher, bounce slower, move left, and move right. It took me about three hours to beat, but it's completely free which is always a blessing.

    This game is epic. You play as a mermaid traveling around a huge epic world full of fantastic creatures and breathtaking scenery. Your weapons in this game are songs that you play (kind of like Ocarina of Time, but more active and fast-paced) that have different effects on the character.

  • MohiniMohini Registered User new member
    edited June 2012
    @Makoforte While Artemis does have some built in missions and a survive the waves of enemies mode, these are both pretty bare bones, and the best play comes from a GM, which is also an option. Really, Artemis is pretty buggy and the UI is terrible, but it's still the most fun I've had in a multiplayer pretty much ever. There's this sense of constant near-doom and craziness that's a lot like watching Alien or Apollo 13, if they were written by Monty Python, but maybe that's just the people I played with.

    Mohini on
  • HonourandGloryHonourandGlory Registered User new member
    I am definitely getting the crew over to try Artemis out. It also seems to be clear audience favorite from this episode. I guess I wasn't the only one who had been dreaming of a game like that. I'm curious how well they implemented the different jobs and how much depth was given to each one. When I was thinking about a game like this before I knew there WAS a game like this, I thought it would be difficult to keep each person entertained and engaged.

    On a side note, while realistically you guys are correct about Artemis being the closest we can get to piloting the Enterprise for quite some time, I would like to point all of you to this man's website. What he wants to do is in the name and he is quite serious and has a thought out plan for how to make it happen. Once I got over the fact that its the USS Enterprise he wants to build, the idea actually makes sense on both a societal and scientific level.

  • robocognitorobocognito Registered User new member
    James this is one of the best episodes of EC yet. Thanks for taking the time to point out so many great titles it would be easy to miss. Gathering a band o friends to play Artemis ASAP.

    The pixels, they must be punished!
  • Xander0311Xander0311 Registered User regular
    I think Artemis in particular is going to be that one game I want to get into as soon as possible now.

  • NoisymunkNoisymunk Registered User regular
    Griever wrote: »
    I would really like to know the name of the song that is playing during the Lone Survivor segment.


    It's from the soundtrack to the game, and you can buy it here:

    Track 2 - "Lone Survivor" is the song Extra Credits used for the video.

  • BlueInkAlchemistBlueInkAlchemist Author. Gamer. Coder. Dreamer. PhiladelphiaRegistered User new member
    As interested as I am in Artemis, Lone Survivor, DayZ and Crusader Kings II, there's one mobile game I think folks should check out:

    Jetpack Joyride.

    If you’ve ever played one of those Flash games on the Internet that has you fling something to achieve maximum distance or one of the many “cave flyer” games out there, you’ll find Jetpack Joyride similar, but far easier to grasp and a great deal more satisfying. The presentation's pretty delightful, the gameplay simple (touch to go up, release to come down), the soundtrack is pretty kickass, and it's truly free to play - you don't have to spend a dime on it.

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    Jetpack Joyride is the absolute tits.

  • CombobreakerCombobreaker Registered User regular
    Play King of Fighters XIII. Best designed, most honest, and balanced 2d fighting game of this console generation. It's so damn good it hurts.

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