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[PA Comic] Monday, June 25, 2012 - Good Problems



  • teopehtteopeht Registered User regular
    If you havin' girl trubs I feel bad fo you son, I got 99 problems but a teenage avatar and/or industrial tycoon heiress who can electroshock the hell out of me aint one.

    Ravenclaw fo lyfe.
  • jrmtz85jrmtz85 Registered User regular
    I don't see this decision as being that clear-cut. Sure Korra may be the Avatar, but when you compare her and Asami to other superheros, some similarities emerge.

    To me, Korra is basically Superman; most powerful bender, strongest person alive, etc. However, I can definetely see Asami as a Batman figure: she's really smart, incredibly tech savvy, incredibly rich, owns the most advanced tech firm in the world, excellent training in martial arts, and has a tragic family history (murdered mother, crazy father). From that point of view, she does become more endearing as a character. I don't really see her as just a pretty spoiled rich girl. She's smart and tough as hell too.

  • trident042trident042 Registered User regular
    Hi. The Future here. Don't worry, everything works out for Korra and Asami. Just sayin'. ;)

    This signature now left intentionally blank.
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