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PAX Weekly Show

OrigosisOrigosis Rhode IslandRegistered User new member
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I will do my best to NOT promote myself in anyway. I am here to ask questions and get your input on an idea I have.

A few friends and Myself who attend PAX East each year want to start making a show about PAX. a 30 minute to Hour long weekly show where we discuss PAX.

Format? Not sure We are thinking a static camera focused on 2-4 of us sitting on a coach enjoying drinks talking about PAX.

-Discussing previous PAXes.
-Discussing Tips for PAX
-Discussing The good and the bad(what little there is) of PAX
-Rumors of what will be at PAX
-Filming interviews at PAX and showing them as their game approaches release. (Focus on the indie guys probably)
-Reviewing games and discussing how they evolved since PAX.

We are still in the early stages of this idea. and I would love your input and idea about how to create something everyone would enjoy.

I want this to be a small way for everyone to experience a little bit of PAX once a week all year long.

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