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[PATV] Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - Extra Credits Season 1, Ep. 16: So You Want To Be a Game Designer

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
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image[PATV] Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - Extra Credits Season 1, Ep. 16: So You Want To Be a Game Designer

This week, we talk about what it takes to be a great game designer.

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  • brunoaisbrunoais Registered User regular
    great video!
    Well explained and fun to watch.

  • FnorosFnoros Registered User regular
    Wow, all of those requirements are things i already wanted to learn about... i always figured that it would be impossible to get into the game industry without master-level artistic (including writing) or mathematical (computer programming) skills.

  • KickleCubicleKickleCubicle Registered User new member
    I am going through these videos backwards so this might be a little late

    but this is very useful! Thank you for posting this.

  • MoggMogg Registered User regular
    Bleh. I'm an indie. I assume this is all from the perspective of creating games to sell and make profit. You cover good points, but designing and make making a game purely for yourself and may a few friends is different. Doing it yourself you need to know everything of ever role. Write down every idea you get. Choose programs you want to work with that work well together, which there are plenty of, and learn to use them. You'll want a program for art, music and scripting. None of it is cheap for the really nice programs that have a lot of ease of use features. You'll also need to learn music composition, story writing, script writing, puzzle designs, symbolism, filming, psychology, research into the genre(s) you are working with. It depends on the game you want to make, but there's a lot to need to know if your aim is making some historical romance rpg, for example.

  • RoseHairVenomRoseHairVenom Registered User new member
    The video was very enlightening!

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