[PATV] Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - Extra Credits Season 3, Ep. 24b: SOPA & PIPA

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image[PATV] Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - Extra Credits Season 3, Ep. 24b: SOPA & PIPA

This week, we give a (somewhat belated) criticism of SOPA and PIPA.<br /> Come discuss the topic with us at our brand new <a href="http://extra-credits.net/episodes/sopa-pipa/#discuss">site</a>!

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    felixdabrofelixdabro Registered User new member
    I really want to like these videos, but the pitch shifting on the voice is the whining of a thousand toddlers, 24 hours past their bedtime, being denied cookies, candy, ice cream and a puppy.

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    betrayerkolbetrayerkol Registered User regular
    The part at the end is part of a larger problem in American politics, particularly on the right - a disdain for experts and professionals.

    You see it in the global warming debate, in economic discussions, all over. It's shocking that showing contempt towards the people who know what they're talking about has become not just commonplace but a cornerstone of a political parties world view.

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    LozaBeeLozaBee Registered User new member
    Hi, this is a really good episode. I like the idea of the internet being free for all and the ability to have free speech, I don't live in America but have a general understanding of what you are trying to say :)
    There is a site that people are trying to put together at the moment called Meshnet, basically it is a site where all information is transmitted freely and as there is no singular owner of the site but rather a community running and maintaining it, it can't be shut down.
    Here is a link to a video that gives a general understanding of what is the Meshnet and how it works -

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    RaginRednecKRaginRednecK Registered User regular
    @lozabee the problem with darknets, and I physically cringe when i say this. IS that they are absolutely unregulated. A recent raid by anonymous shut down a darknet and dox'd a large number of their users. Why you ask? because these users on the completely unregulated network were perpetrating child pornography, child prostitution and child molestation. SOME regulation of content is a GOOD thing lozabee but that regulation needs to be very mindful of going to far. In the end it is a diametric problem, no regulation and people with the knowledge and intent can do truly monstrous things with that freedom while too much regulation can break the system or repress the freedom that the users should have in any society.

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