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How do I watch 3D Youtube content via an HTPC on a passive 3D TV?

Lord JezoLord Jezo Registered User regular
The setup: HTPC running an ATI card hooked up to a Panasonic 3D tv via an HDMI cable.

I am trying to figure out how to get the 3D Youtube demos to work but I have no idea what settings to use. I have tried all the options and the 3D button on my tv but nothing works, it all looks garbled.
I managed to get a 3D demo video working with Stereoscopic Player 1.8.1 and selecting AMD Stereo Driver as the 3D option and pushing the 3D button on the remote so I know 3D works via Windows on the HTPC but I cannot figure out Youtube.

I tried the HTML5 option but I just get a message saying no 3D hardware detected.

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