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Headless Horseman vs Predator (Your Mileage May Vary)

GlyphGlyph Registered User regular
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Let's say a Predator calls you up for some beer and pizza or whatever. And after a few drinks he decides to show you his trophy collection.

So he's all like, "Here are some xenomorph heads, some human heads," etc. and but then suddenly he goes, "This motherfucker was hard."

Only it's just a Jack-o'-Lantern hanging from a wall, with a plaque under it that reads, "The Headless Horseman."

"But that's just a pumpkin." you exclaim incredulously.

Somewhat irritated, the Predator replies, "Well that's all he had on him. What was I suppose to put up there, his fucking passport? Because he didn't have one of those either."

Do you believe him?


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