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Hey guys, my name is Derrek Buerger and i'm the creator of No-Brainer Cartoons. It's a little flash-animated series on Newgrounds, and occasionally I upload on YouTube. This is my first ever post on the Penny-Arcade Forums, and with that, I just want to say hello to everyone! You can find my animations on Newgrounds, and my username there is 'toontown1'.

The series is mainly about No-Brainer and Todd, my two main characters, trying to go gambling, stop invading restaurant chains, and basically get through everyday life. I really hope you consider checking out the series. You can find some stuff on YouTube too. The username there should be NoBrainerCartoons.

I really hope I can fit right in here at the Penny-Arcade Forums, as I look forward to posting here a lot, and getting to know the community. Thanks for reading this.

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    Welcome to the forums. "Hi, I'm new!" threads aren't something we do here. Take a little time to browse and lurk and feel free to post some work for critique. This thread is getting locked.

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