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Temporary Career Shift

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I have a bachelor's degree in music education and a masters in music theory. I've been teaching either as a leave replacement or part time since I graduated in 2008. This past year, I had a full time position that was supposed to become permanent next year but ended up being cut. I enjoyed the challenge but the year was emotionally taxing, especially after a tragedy in the school community.

I teach private lessons and will never give up doing that. I'm teaching a summer program that ends in mid August. After that, I have no idea when the next teaching job will be available. I've applied to many and interviewed a couple times but the market for teachers here is terrible.

I'm feeling like I need a break from teaching after last year, and now seems like a good time to take it, since I might be forced to take a break anyway. I think I'd like to find something completely different to do in the event that I can't find a teaching job. The problem I have is that I have no idea what I would like to do, nor what else I might be qualified for with my degrees and experience.

It might be nice to find something more hands on, less cerebral than teaching. I think I would like to do work that is finished at the end of the day - not something that I am going to take home with me, something that is going to weigh me down emotionally at times.

I've done retail. I won't be going near that again. I'm not relocating, I fully intend to put my degrees to use in the future, but I need to make money and I want to try something different.

I'm writing this from the pit of a community show, between songs. I'm feeling a bit down about things right now. I'm curious as to what ideas or suggestions you mIght have.

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