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Wearing Glasses

WearingglassesWearingglasses Of the friendly neighborhood varietyRegistered User regular
edited July 2012 in Artist's Corner
Hello. Until recently I've posted here a long time ago, so my thread is probably peacefully dead and buried now. This is just a hobby that I've been trying to hone/keep sharp as time permits.

The following drawings are for a group of friends. I'd like to ask for your advice.

This one I've asked in the doodle thread:
I wanted him to have a weary "bored, been-there-done-that" look on his eyes, but something's off with his face.

Squidbunny reccommended I bring down his eyelids more, so I added a bit more droop to it. I also adjusted the point of the left anatomical eye to align it a bit better. (Color-wise his eyes are supposedly very dark, if not all-black.)

Guy #4:

I was going for massive, barrel-chested, fat but strong, stern, stoic. Arms may have been too beefy, or the torso needs more mass, I dunno. Thoughts?

Thank you in advance. :)

Wearingglasses on


  • HalenHalen Registered User regular
    I searched for barrel chested guys on google image search and it seems the main difference is they tend to have little to no neck. Also, their muscles are less defined particularly in the arms where fat is concealing their strength. They can have massive arms, but not the bulging outline of muscle like in your guy. Like this guy:


    Draw an egg.
  • WearingglassesWearingglasses Of the friendly neighborhood variety Registered User regular
    Hmm, thanks dude. So I should smoothen his arms but keep the general bulk, then?

  • gayet thomasgayet thomas Registered User
    Yes Halen well said and nice pic too i am also trying to rid of massive arms. And build a strong body structure.

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