[PRIME] 2012 PAX N.O.M.S. (Nightly Options of the Musical Sort) Last Update: 8/14



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    SoSpartanSoSpartan Registered User new member
    Dang. So sad there will not be a jamspace at Prime this year. I've spent more time there than anywhere else the last couple years. Last year, I brought in my lighting system to liven things up. I know its too late for this year, but perhaps some of us local PAXians should start planning to do something ourselves, so the MAGfest guys don't have to arrange/pay for everything? My partner and I have a PA system with a 48 channel mixer, a few mics, couple cheap ass guitars, and such I could contribute. We'd need some more instruments, mics, mic stands, drum set, bass guitar and amp.. and most importantly, people who can play instruments who'll hang around to fill in and help out. If the MAGfest guys wanted to hang out or help out, that would be awesome too! I'm gonna contact them to see what's up.

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    ColdbrewColdbrew Down in Front Productions Lake Stevens, WARegistered User regular
    Very few of the MAGFest guys are going to even be here for PAX, so I wouldn't even bother.

    Honestly though, if for whatever reason this happens again next year, definitely consider setting something like this up, it'd be nice.

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    JonnyNeroJonnyNero Registered User regular
    Final Bump, for last minute planning. Mods may lock if they want, I'm going to let this drop after this. Unless people have me questions

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