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former BIOWARE artist creating his own animated film

lancefevermyerslancefevermyers Registered User
edited July 2012 in Artist's Corner
My name is Lance Myers and I've been in the game development biz for 15 years. Also worked on feature films for awhile (Space Jam, Quest for Camerlot, Prince of Egypt, A Scanner Darkly). Up until about two months ago I was working at Bioware doing storyboard art for in-game cinemas on SWTOR. I now work at Spacetime doing animation for the upcoming Arcane Legends.
Anyhow, I want to let you all know about a personal project of mine. I am creating a 20-minute animated short in the old-school way. 2D hand-drawn, 24 frames/sec. Writing, directing, animating, and funding the whole thing myself. I just launched a kickstarter for the project, so please go check it out! The film's title is BOXER STORY. I think you'll like the style I'm working in. Contribute if you can, and spread the word. Many thanks!

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    Good luck with your project but we don't allow people to create threads just to drive traffic to their sites/Kickstarters.

    If you feel like posting pieces you're working on for critique and feedback, I'm sure people would love to see them but this thread is getting locked.

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