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[PATV] Monday, August 1, 2011 - Extra Credits Season 1, Ep. 3: Innovation

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
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image[PATV] Monday, August 1, 2011 - Extra Credits Season 1, Ep. 3: Innovation

This week, we discuss the Indie and AAA branches of the game industry, and how joining forces might help them to drive innovation.

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    nilsonnetonilsonneto Registered User new member
    Great idea! I'm really enjoying all these videos!

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    FlyingPeanutsFlyingPeanuts Registered User new member
    Have you played BF3? Where is the AAA "polish" you claim big studios have? The game is still in beta. And since the devs ignore their "amazing QA teams", what's the point in having them in the first place? You want to talk about "unfinished great ideas", look no further than what EA has done to the Battlefield series. I feel like you live in another world where big studios actually make good games.

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    jedidethfreakjedidethfreak Registered User regular
    Flying Peanuts - way to cite one game as though it counters the general fact.

    Wind Fish in name only, for it is neither.
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    MisterSelmoMisterSelmo Registered User regular
    @FlyingPeanuts: Polish in this sense means removing rough edges, filing down sharp corners, buffing out the surfaces of things so all is shiny and pretty and nobody can possibly object to anything. The result is a product bereft of intellectual stimulation and absent any meaningful challenge that kowtows to the lowest-possible-common-denominator. The real shock is that with all of these highly-talented industry professionals, with the bar set so low, there are still instances where they fail. How hard is it to make stupid games for stupid people?

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    MisterSelmoMisterSelmo Registered User regular
    I don't personally believe that there will ever again be innovation in video games, any more than there is innovation in the music business. As long as everything remains necessarily business-first (thousands of people's jobs, families, etc. depend upon this stability) then you will only rarely see a coincidence of cool new ideas and what is economically viable.

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    laparapalaparapa Registered User new member
    @MisterSelmo: I don't think that's completely fair. There is plenty of innovation in the music industry. Always has been. You just have to look beyond the factory-produced pop that companies create to make money.

    In fact, even that isn't particularly fair. You can still have innovation in the mainstream.

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    IHeartWMDsIHeartWMDs Registered User new member
    Hey there. Can any of you direct me to Jame's plan in full?

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