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Awesome: 'Suggestions for storing tons of confidential videos? (number of video...' by Enc

EncEnc Briarthorn AllianceFloridaRegistered User regular
-Take videos and store on removable hard drives.
-Place hard drives in secure, padded cardboard box.
-Seal cardboard box in airtight plastic bag.
-Place bagged cardboard box in a slightly larger, metal box.
-Take metal box to your backyard.
-Dig hole in back yard approximately 10% distance from the back left corner of your yard. Place metal box inside.
-Fill in hole.
-Plant a Rose Bush (of moderate size to start with) over the burial site.
-Plant two other bushes at aesthetically pleasing distances from the rose bush.
-Mulch all three new plants along with existing plants in your back yard with a pleasing mulch color, this will help keep moisture for the plants along with insulating their roots against sudden frost.
-Brag to neighbors about your yard changes, with a specific interest in insightful one-up-man-ship amongst them so they also plant new foliage in the neighborhood.

Upon suspicion your secure storage has been compromised.
-Secure x1 fanatically reliable friend, tell them the location of the box and the conditions upon which for them to remind you about them upon desired retrieval date.
-Take several medications know to cause memory loss for short periods of time just before interrogation. Common drugs that affect memory and brain function include sleeping pills, antihistamines, blood pressure and arthritis medication, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and painkillers. Be sure to research these extensively for safety before use.
-Be interviewed and have your name cleared, try and leave yourself a reminder to get close to those snooping in on your secure storage.
-Have friend provide you with the information on the box upon arrival of your desired retrieval date, preferably via dead drop or some sort of hidden compartment upon your person (say, an unobtrusive pouch in your jeans or tucked into the battery slot in your wristwatch).
-Be smug in knowing you got away with it.
-All according to keikaku.

Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.
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