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MechWarrior Living Legends 0.7 FINAL VERSION RELEASED - New HUD!

TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEONIndiaRegistered User regular
edited January 2013 in Games and Technology
Download MechWarrior Living Legends 0.7.0 Beta
And join the Penny Arcade Steam Group for MechWarriors!


What is MechWarrior: Living Legends?
MW:LL is a mod for Crysis Wars (the multiplayer component of Crysis: Warhead). It's a multiplayer MechWarrior game. Actually more accurately it's a multiplayer Battletech game, because it has much more than 'Mechs. You spawn in Battle Armor, and you can run around in that if you want, or you can buy a 'Mech, a VTOL, an aerospace fighter or bomber, a hovercraft, a tank, a wheeled vehicle... or a 'Mech. The mod has multiple game modes, including the two most powerful, Solaris Arena (in both team deathmatch and deathmatch formats) and Territory Control (both teams try to capture points on the map and deplete the enemy tickets). The maps are huge and often beautiful. Some are set on asteroids, some in deserts, some in tropical paradises, and so on.


This mod is awesome. The basics are pretty great: brawling in a 'Mech is lots of fun, and because there's no 'Mech customization, just a lot of variants to choose from, you don't have to deal with people loading up 50 small lasers and blowing up your cockpit in one hit with their super accuracy. Fights can often last a while, especially if you have lots of armor of if you're cautious.

Even better, the combined arms aspect works great. Aerospace fighters and VTOLs can dogfight each other, harass enemy 'Mechs, scout for long range missiles, and destroy enemy vehicle assets. Vehicles can skirmish with each other and distract and damage 'Mechs, and scout for friendlies. Battle Armor is a pain the fucking ass because they can jetpack around picking at you with their puny laser

I'm New At This, What the Fuck is Going On
This basics guide isn't so bad and if you have a SomethingAwful account or if their forums are public the OP in this thread has an excellent guide to all the weapons and stuff.

Perhaps the best guide I've seen for new players is this video, which explains how to generally earn money without being owned repeatedly:

If you ignore the advice in that video, stuff like this will happen to you:

Two of my biggest tips: hit "R" to toggle your radar between active and passive. In passive mode people won't see you coming unless you're actually spotted, so you can sneak up on people and more importantly not soak up missile hits. Tip #2 is to run around in a 'Mech with SRMs or ballistic weapons if you have issues with Battle Armor harassing you.


What Do I Need to Play?
Step 1: Buy Crysis Warhead. Steam version works fine.
Step 2: Install Crysis Wars.
Step 3: Download the MechWarrior Living Legends 0.6.0 beta. The download button is well hidden: it's the little button next to the dropdown menu.
Step 4: Check out this installation guide or just do it yourself because you're cool.
Step 5: If necessary, configure your controls. If you have a joystick I recommend using it for VTOLs and aerospace fighters but not for your 'Mech.
Step 6: OWN FACE.
Step 7: If you get CD key errors check out this link.
Step 8: Remember, teamwork!


What's New in the Patch?
Version 0.7.0

Change-log and Feature Updates

New Features:
- Free Reticle
- New Tank Hud
- New Mech Hud
- Three new mech camos
- Camo for tanks and hovercrafts is now partly supported
- The ejection key has to be tapped twice now to trigger the ejection
- Crysis Wars radio messages reworked for MWLL

New Content:
- Added Ares Tank
- Added Solitaire Mech
- Added Chimera Mech
- Added Masakari Mech
- New Map: TC_Altay

Bug Fixes:
- Tag Exploit Fixed
- Fixed crash when shooting at destructible trees with pulse lasers
- Fixed crash in arm animation code
- Fixed reticle showing red on friendly mech legs
- Fixed not getting rewards for narced target getting damage
- Fixed grenades not working before opening map

- Heavy sound optimization across the board
- Cut sound channel use for all weapons, impacts
- New weapon/impact sounds- gauss, ppc, high caliber ACs, machine guns

Balance Changes:
- Maximum heat threshold for mechs, ASF, VTOL reduced from 1000c to 900c;
- Heatsink damage starts at 75% of heat (675c for mechs – orange line, was 750c);
- Armor damage starts at 83% of heat (750c for mechs – red line, was 800c);
- Heat damage to armor increased from 350 to 1400;
- Coolant effectiveness do not depends from number of heatsinks now;
- If asset is powered down it gets heat dissipation increased up to level needed to be immune to almost any flamer boat;
- Heat dissipation penalties on maximum speed removed;
- Heat from hand brake removed;

- LXPL heat decreased;
- RAC2, RAC5, U\Ac2, U\Ac5, U\Ac10, U\Ac20 heat increased;
- (E\C)LRMs, (S)SRMs heat increased;

- All UACs use burst fire mode now;
- UAC20 range decreased from 500 to 350m;
- UAC10 range decreased to 600m;
- Damage of UAC2\5 against air targets decreased by 50%;
- Damage of UAC2\5 against hovers decreased by 33%;
- Shots\damage per ton recalculated and in line now;

- AC20\10 splash and shake increased;
- AC20 damage reduced;
- AC20 range decreased from 500 to 350m;
- AC10 range decreased to 600m;
- Damage of UAC2\5 against air targets decreased by 35%;
- Shots\damage per ton recalculated and in line now;

- SRMs rate of fire reduced from 20 to 17;
- SRMs missiles per ton increased from 90 to 96;
- SSRMs rate of fire reduced from 20 to 15;
- SSRMs damage increased;
- SSRMs missiles per ton reduced from 90 to 72 while damage per ton increased by 10%;
- Dual launchers have standard number of missiles per ton now, every mech got 1 free ton for every dual launcher;

- New tracers for racs;
- Spread reduced;
- RAC2 damage per ton increased;
- Performance impact reduced;
- Damage against air targets decreased by 50%;
- Damage against hovers decreased by 33%;

- LBX2\5 damage and spread are in line with LBX10\20 now;
- LBX2 range increased from 1000 to 1200;
- LBX5 range increased from 800 to 900;
- LBX20 spread reduced;
- Damage against air targets decreased by 50%;

- Damage increased to 1250;
- Damage against air targets decreased by 50%;

-IHGauss shots per ton increased from 4 to 5;

- PPC range reduced from 800 to 700;
- (C)ERPPC range reduced from 960 to 900;

- Thunderbolt5-20 ammo per ton increased;

- Damage reduced by 50%;
- Ammo per ton increased from 1 to 3;

- Ammo per ton increased from 72 to 108;
- Minimum range reduced to 120m;

- CLRM minimum range reduced to 150m;
- ELRM target tracking is in line with LRMs now;

Air weapons
- Air MRMs (now on all air assets) – unguided cheap missiles with big spread;
- eATMs – ATMs with reduced by 50% and 1250m range;

- NARC range reduced to 500m;
- Clan NARC (cNARC) introduced (700m range);
- Improved NARC introduced (900m range);

- TAG user gets rewards only for missile hit on target now;
- TAG must be hold on target for 3 sec for beacon to be created;

BA weapons
- Bear AC have 600m range, spread decreased, damage increased;
- Bear AC is the only default BA weapon;
- All weapons except BearAC are dedicated now (will be lost upon entering vehicle except APC);
- SBL range increased to 400;
- Prices reworked;
- BA TAG laser have 700m range now;

Build rules
- Recalculated to Fusion Engine 215 instead of XL;
- Base armor reduced;
- Recalculated to Fusion Engine 195 instead of XL;
- Hull armor factor reduced from 750 to 500;

TychoCelchuuu on


  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEON IndiaRegistered User regular
    I'm downloading this shit right now! 37.48% done. It's a brand new install (no upgrade from 0.5.7 unfortunately) and I can't wait to jump into the game and get jump jetted on by someone.

  • ApogeeApogee Lancks In Every Game Ever Registered User regular
    Well, I got this and it's a blast. Having a ball running around in a Raven with ER Lasers or alternatively a Bushwacker with an AC20. Lots of fun.

    Now I just need to find a way t kill those stupid LRM boats... Hard to get close enough to kill em.

  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEON IndiaRegistered User regular
    0.7.0 release. This will be their final build. New stuff includes an all new HUD for 'Mechs and an all new HUD for tanks:



  • TheGerbilTheGerbil Registered User regular
    I've played this a bit since 0.70 and man the community has really died down, its kinda sad. I just want to flip my hovertanks over, again and again.

    Well I must want to cause I am REALLY good at it.

  • SyngyneSyngyne Registered User regular
    The Partyvan will always hold a special place in my heart.

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