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Yukira wrote: »
Smart Hero wrote: »
Idiot Son just said

"I had a vision of a bomb dropping from heaven, and filling eveyone with the spirit, there's going to be fallout for miles."

He was actually watching Dragon Ball Z.

And lo did Son Jesus maketh thine spirit ball, and the collected energies of all living things on planet earth was good. He spoke to satan, who was in the form of a slightly effeminate white and purple lizard, in which he said "I am that which you have wrought with your evil ways, specifically for killing my disciple Krillin, and my wrath shall be swift as I yell at the heavens to power beyond this mortal form to achieve Super Messiah level 1 with golden spiked hair and eyes of blue". An thus did Son Jesus whoop thine candy ass, and it was good.

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