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Slighty different best man speech question... do I try and break them up?



  • RendRend Registered User regular
    usually (in my experience) the best man speech is basically

    "tell funny anecdote about groom, embarass groom about something dumb he did as a young single man, express happiness in his marriage, clink glasses, profit"

    Pretty much this.

    Also if you really think you'll have that big a problem with the "express happiness in his marriage" part, you can slant it a couple different ways for your own self-justification, and make it more sincere that way.
    1. Wish him the best in his marriage
    2. Express happiness about him being happy
    3. Sincerely request the bride "take care of him"

    Or something like that
    Just make sure what you say does at least sound sincere. And don't be afraid to completely follow the traditional format, as has been echoed several times in this thread. It's tried and true, and people do it because it works.

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