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Simple and Decent Content Management System?

CentipeedCentipeed Registered User regular
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So, I'm taking on the running of a website for a society that I am part of here at university. Their current website has some simple functionality. It basically serves as a news page as sorts, but it also has a small forum and the like, so I don't want to use a blog for this.

The current page is pretty crappy, and it's on not-very-good hosting, so I want to get different hosting and start from scratch. To that end, I wanted to use a Content Management System so that I could install it and have a website out of the box, as it were, then tweak from then on.

Given that all I need this site to do is have informations sections, news sections and a forum (Which I could install separately), can any of you recommend an open-source/free CMS that works well, looks good, and is simple enough to use for someone new to running a website?

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